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  1. I am trying to follow the instructions on page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlmA1qicXN0 Remove Background from a Complex image The video indicates select the Free hand Selection tool and Type as Polyganal. On the video I can see the line created also a return line to the begining. However when I try to create a Polygon the return line does not exist. When I try to finish the line the polygon disappears. Can anyone say where I may be going wrong please?
  2. Thanks Lee I'm not sure where I was going wrong but I seem to be getting on better now! Cheers John
  3. Yes Definitely needed I used Adobe Fireworks for many years to resize batches. Never a fault. Unfortunately on a new machine I cannot get Fireworks cs3 working anymore.
  4. I too was looking for a way to rename batched images a la myimage.jpg to myimage_thumb.jpg Is this possible? Thanks john

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