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  1. Hi Affinity Still love your program I have a request for a feature. Right now I can only choose in the Fontmanager if a font is a favorite or not. So I have the problem that whenever I have to be aware of license issues I either have to look up the font for the license or the way I do it right now is to just put license free once in my favorite tab. I have a number of otions that could be done to solve this. 1. Have an Icon that shows if a font is license free or not 1.1 Best would be if this is set by Affinity itself but that is probably not possible since the license is not part of the font-file itself 1.2 Let the users set the icon themselfs--> Maybe collect the information in a DB to let affinity be able to give the information in the future?? 2. Give the possibility to create your own Font category, this would have the advantedge that you could not only sort your fonts by license / no license but also sort them for different styles like modern, vintage, crazy......whatever you would like to call them. 3. Do both the icon and the license icon, since both information do not exclude themselfs The way I see it there are only different lists behind the buttons --> All, Recent ,Favorite and used. So why not give the opportunity to create more that one of your own lists keep up the good work Peet@MD
  2. Hi Affinity I really love your programs and the communety you build around them. Just thought that was important to say So now to my suggestion. I do not know if I missed a feature so far, but I have now often worked with brushes and I have several times bumped into the problem that I would have tiked to set a Brush unto a particular position (Splashes for instance, but not only). You already build in the Rotation funktion, so I do not see why a manuel rotation would be a problem? Of course you could set each stroke on different pixellayers and then rotate the layers. But having this done directly on the brush would make things so much easyer. My suggestion would be an ALT+Mousewheel combination where you can actually see the preview rotate around the center and then just place the brush. So this is something I do not know from Corel or Photoshop. But this could also be because my workflow is messed up since I dow this more as a hobby and Iam self told . Keep up the good work Peter
  3. Hi Affinity I have a Question and I am not shure if this is more a request or stupidity on my hand. But I also read the feature request smoth curves/simplyfy curves and this might be the same issue in Affinity Designer. The problem I have is with the Divide Funktion. To illustrate the problem I made these pictures. As you can see in Step 2 the devided shapes are pretty clean if you use this funktion on two circles. But doing the same thing on the already devided shapes using the third one it starts to get messy. not only are there a lot of nodes on the curves that where intended to create but also a lot of unwanted shapes are created. This causes two issues. 1. Deleting the unwanted curves creates problems when combining the needed ones because there are gaps created 2. it also happenes that outlines are created inside of curves that are hard to get ride of because just deleting nodes can change the shape a lot. So the Question is if there is a way to avoid this issue or if this might be something for the Bugfix/Feature request section. I migrated from Corel and Shaping there is handled a little different. But from what I have seen in tutorial vidios of AI and Corel this seems to work better there. Still would like to say I enjoy working with AD and AP and also love your verry active Forum support which I considder verry Valuble Greetings Peet@MD
  4. Hey MEB Thanks for the fast answer and please excuse my lack of information. I was actually talking about Affinity Designer ;). So you still answered my question perfectly well. There is no solution...yet and most important I can stop trying for the moment and waste my time. I'm certain you will keep up the great work and I look forward to see this function added as it is already on the list :). Have a nice holiday;)
  5. Hi I started working with Affinity a while ago and have to admit I am not a professional designer. But in my Spare time I like being creative. Though I'm trying to fit Text into a shape. But I do not want to have it aligned or set on the outline. I would like to fill the whole shape with a word. In Corel I did this with the Envelope tool but I just can not figure out how to do this in Affinity. I could have sworn I have seen this once in a tutorial and it was just a basic function but maybe I'M mistaken. The picture below shows the basic idea I really would appreciate the help
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