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  1. Hi Meb, obrigado pela resposta :-) Thanks for the tip, I needed to be sure I wasn't missing something on this issue. In my design I was working with dozens of hexagons, pasted in different joining configurations. I will probably create some variants of the basic hexagon and add them together to see how it works. thanks again Rafael
  2. Hi, First time poster, I'm learning Affinity Designer and am very happy with the results so far but ran into something unexpected. I'm trying to merge some shapes and having different results. I've created two sets of shapes, shown below, and tried to merge them with the "Add" button (first one below): When merging the (overlapping) ellipse and rectangle all works as expected -- the border is merged and is around the merged objects. When merging the hexagons things are not working as expected: there are still some lines that are "inside" the merged object. It get much worse when I have 10+ hexagons added together. I can edit the lines and try to remove some of the inner lines but it is too much work and some of the nodes, when deleted, mess up the whole figure. How can I merge the shapes and get rid of the inner lines? The hexagons were created by using the pen tool, snapping to the first point and closing the curve. thanks in advance Rafael