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  1. Hi Adrian_M et al, First of all, I would like to thank you for writing this feature request and add my vote to this request. I, too, am an user of Affinity Design for scientific purposes and I would really like to see the product become more accessible to academic publishing purposes. Now especially with Illustrator being a subscription-only service that is unaffordable for most academics, I think this product has a great market in the academic world! Secondly, Adrian_M mentioned that he is able to use LatexIt to perform drag-and-drop into the Affinity Design document. For some reason, I am having trouble doing the same thing. When I drag-and-drop, say the symbol \omega, into AFD document, it simply becomes an exclamation point (!). I am using a Macbook Pro (10.12.6). I am wondering if there is anything special I have to do to make LatexIt compatible with AFD in this case. Thanks! Ruby
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