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  1. karlchen68

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.4

    short question, can i copy all my personal settings from the last beta and transfer them to the final version without problems from the folder user / appdata / roaming / .....)
  2. karlchen68

    RAW Histogram

    First, thank you for your quick response. Nevertheless, I think like a user above, the histogram in RAW development shows the values after development in JPEG. I think a histogram is meaningless if it does not display the values of the later jpeg.But I try your link first to read and understand, maybe I think wrong. But if I develop a raw example in darktable, then I see there in the histogram everything as later in the jpeg. Why is that different there? ok i understand you and think that's true what you say., ..... but why do you think it will not be fixed? Would that be such a big thing?
  3. karlchen68

    RAW Histogram

    I spent hours searching for a solution. Unfortunately without success, because the bug persists, even in the last beta. I have a Panasonic FZ1000. It's a pity, so the Develop Persona is almost useless. Why is not that finally fixed? It is a prerequisite for photo RAW development. I think,this is a really big bug.
  4. I hope also of a fix for FZ1000RAW, because this camera is still sold in large quantities and i can confirm this ugly Bug. I am happy with my FZ1000, but I'm not happy with Affinity RAW Support for our great PANA. Nevertheless , i am happy with Affinity and i can after 2 weeks intensive works with Affinity Photo confirm, its a great program. Thanks for this. So i think, a fix will be come . Best regards Karl
  5. yes I can confirm, only with drag and drop.
  6. I have the exact same problem, even in the latest beta

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