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    Affinity Photo Workbook

    If that's the case then could you please suggest to the people handling your shipping that they wrap or box the books more securely. Glossy coffee table books shouldn't be dented, bent, dog-eared and scratched fresh out of the package. Both my Photo and Designer workbooks arrived in poor condition due to their being wrapped in only a very loose, very thin padded bag that offered almost no protection against even the slightest bumps. That is not good enough for shipping something of that weight half way around the world. International shipping needs cardboard. Thick cardboard. Lots of thick cardboard. And more padding. The weight of these books is such that when they shift in shipping (which they will do when they're in too-large packages without enough packing to immobilise them) their hard pointy corners tear the bags. I had hoped after the complaints earlier in this thread that packing might have been improved but no. I just received my Designer book today and while it's in a bit better shape than my Photo book, it's still not great. Now my copies are working books. I'm not looking for something shiny to put on a coffee table. I would like to have nice-looking books but I can live with books that look a bit beaten up so long as the pages don't fall out. Anyone who is looking for a shiny display book will likely be disappointed. (But I would still prefer an e-book version. Paper just isn't very searchable.)
  2. Mister Dalliard

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Ordered the book on November 25 and it just arrived today. That’s actually not too bad since I am in Australia. We’re used to slow shipping. We’re a long way from the source of lots of good things. What isn’t so OK is the packaging. The very thin and loose padded bag gave it very little protection. By the time it got here the bag was torn and the corners and edges of the book were bent, dented and scratched. If you’re shipping internationally you need cardboard. Heavy cardboard. Lots of it. Books shouldn’t look age-worn and used fresh out of the package. I can use it - all the words and pictures are still there and the binding is good - but it looks like it already has been. For years. By small children.

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