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  1. malarkyarts

    Printing error when live filters are applied

    Thanks Sean Will do. Andy
  2. malarkyarts

    Printing error when live filters are applied

    Hi Sean Thanks for your reply. Printer is Epson xp-960 File attached. Cheers Andy board2.afphoto
  3. Hi I'm not sure if the bug is in the app or just in my brain. I've made an image in AP and some of the layers have a live filter pinch/punch applied. When I try to print this image the layers are clipped by the original shapes of the undistorted layers. For example, one layer is a snail - after distortion some of this snail is still overlapping where the original shape was. Only this overlap prints. I can export the file as psd and print it fine using any other app, but that's a pain. I've attached 2 screenshots to show the issue. First is straight from AP, second is print preview from Epson software. Am I missing something? Hope you can help Cheers Andy
  4. All sorted. Thanks for your help Gabe. Andy
  5. Thanks Gabe So far so good, after some quick tests. Time will tell I think, but it looks promising. However I've lost all my Daub Essentials brushes/papers (freebies) and don't seem to have them backed up and the original download link I received no longer works. Any chance I can get them back? Cheers Andy
  6. Hi all I'm not sure if I should make this one post or several. I've played with AD on my Surface pro 2017 i7 8GB many times and done a few simple jobs on it. However, now I have some serious work on it I'm finding it incredibly frustrating. My bugs are as follows. - Every few uses it completely freezes my machine, forcing me to restart using power button. This is often resizing items. The last time it happened I was transforming a simple ellipse. - If I swap between pen and mouse then the mouse will often stop working as an input device. For example if I draw with the stylus in either persona then draw with the mouse, then the mouse will not be able to click any menu item and the cursor icon will still stuck on the pen tool (eg showing a little circle) - If I use my stylus to resize any selection box then it will always 'drop' the handles unless I hold the stylus still for a second when first selecting. - the stylus also seems sticky in other cases and will continue moving handles after it has been removed from the screen. - If I drag the window to a second monitor then the size of the image will jump around constantly and will default to around 50% of the actual chosen zoom level - Regular slow downs and choppy movements when performing simple transformations in either persona. Perhaps some of these issues have workarounds, but I haven't found any through my searches of the forum. Hope you guys can help!
  7. malarkyarts

    Pen Tablet and Mouse Issues

    This is still a really annoying problem for me using Surface pro 2017. Is there a fix?
  8. malarkyarts

    Designer crashes every time on OPEN or NEW

    It's sorted now, thanks. I had changed the renderer through the Nvidia control panel to see if that would fix it, but hadn't thought to check the actual AD preferences to see if it had been implemented. I swapped from Integrated to Nvidia and it's all tickety boo. Thanks!
  9. Hi All - my first post as I've hit a big bug... Running windows 10 x64. Latest AD version, all drivers updated. I'm not on creators edition yet. Program opens ok but crashes with unhandled exception when opening or creating any document. It was working fine last week. I've reinstalled and updated with no joy. I've opened with holding ctrl and 'cleaned' Any other ideas? Thanks in advance