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  1. Any Update to this? Im still facing the same issue, having to just process 100 .CR2 to .jpg a full year later (Windows 10, latest Affinity) - .jpg files are way darker than in develop persona default - exif information is getting lost -> No way to use affinity for a serious raw workflow. (I wont save raw and jpg just cause affinity cant batch convert properly..) I would expect the batch process to just open the raw, apply the same magic as develop persona does per default when opening a raw, and just save the image as jpg.
  2. Hi, after the update to i noticed affinity is not loading exif data from raw files in certain directories anymore -> Directories with special characters, here the german ä,ö,ü etc. Previously installed Version ( 1.5.2) did not show the issue. Example: D:\aufträge\foo.cr2 does load the raw, but not the exif data: shows N\A in all exif fields. Workaround: changing the path to D:\auftraege\foo.cr2 fixes the issue. Tested on Windows 10, latest update.

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