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  1. But after you select that brush then what? I'm trying to get rid of the outer parts of this image, but I don't know how and none of the videos show how to make the edges transparent or to make it blend in with the other image.
  2. I'm having a similar problem. I have a smaller image I've added to a larger image. That smaller image is round and I want to get rid of its background colour and make it transparent (so you only see the bottom layer beneath the brown ball). Can someone help me please?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am using Affinity Designer. So I must be confused. I thought this site housed the tutorials and forum for Affinity Designer. Where can I learn how to crop in Affinity Designer?
  4. The cropping tool here does not behave at all like it promises in the video. I click on it and try to drag it over or select the image and there is no grid that appears. Moreover, none of the menus that pop up above the screen appear as you see in the film. Please help! This is a basic tool that I need access to!
  5. I'm having a different, but equally frustrating problem. When I select the cropping tool I don't see any of the things promised in the video (see screen shot attached). There is no grid that comes over my photo. There is no menu that emerges above for me to select from. Can someone please help me?
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