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  1. Thanks HVdB, Picture tells a 1000 words, then a video will tell.... Please find attached file. Upload image failed twice keep getting "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" I'll try again!
  2. Thanks HVdB, That's fine for rectilinear selection but how do I do that for my example shown in my screenshot?
  3. Thanks Alfred, I have tried this but when in background, the selection tool does not allow me to select an area?
  4. Wikinger, Thank you for your reply, translated via google below in italics. I have since tried the following RAW conversion and saved them as 16bit Tiffs then opened them in AP. All of them give superior conversions to AP in my humble opinion. RAW conversion carried out with the following programs to 16bit TIFFS then reviewed in AP. Aperture - excellent detail but poor CA Apple Photos - Quick excellent detail Sony Image Data Converter V.5 - Slow but no CA and lens correction possible Capture one - Excellent detail, no CA and lens correction My problem is do I spend ~£50 on AP or ~£250 on capture one Hello. Capture On's automatic profile can be hijacked. This preset is reserved for mass work, general public. (Do not see any condescension in my remarks). Looking at these last two images, we can clearly see that the one on the left is optimized. The image on the right, similar to that of a neutral RAW. If you try DxO, you may be disappointed. The image does not match your feelings because it is very neutral. The RAW of DxO seems dark and bland. The very large amount of information contained in it is the cause. I'm using DxO since version 5 and I always delete the auto-tuning proposed for a neutral image. It is also necessary to remember the settings on the housing, when shooting. Excellent late night to you.
  5. Hi, I have selected an area that is underexposed (see screenshot). I have tried to change the exposure and brightness of this selected area but nothing happens to the area selected brightness. I have tried with Mask ticked and not ticked. Please can someone explain what I need to do. It should be obvious once the area has been selected but I can seem to adjust the area.
  6. Post Script to my earlier comment Capture One is specifically set for ICC Profile of "Sony A7R" with curve set to "Auto" this clearly makes all the difference to interpreting the RAW data. I hadn't realised how significant this is until comparing it with generic convertors. Well I am a newbie to this game. Unfortunately this does not help with my affinity towards AP, no pun intend there.
  7. Thanks John and Wikinger for your support. Wikinger's comment, translated below via google translate. I have tried the Clarity command, it does improve things but is still poor in comparison with the other RAW convertors I have, CaptureOne, Aperture and Apple's Photos(Stupid name IMHO). Below is a screen shot of my result with adjusting the Clarity setting and others in the Develop persona. I realise this is just the starting point (Develop stage) and I can work on it further in Photo Persona, but honestly it such a bad starting point I can't be bothered to try further manipulation in photo persona. To me the whole art of photography is making the camera/process invisible to the viewer. I cannot perceive this with AP so far. I think I will move on to using RAW converted TIFFS by other programmes such as Aperture in AP during this trail period. I might also look at RAW conversion DXO have to get a trial version though, so thanks again. Hello. To improve productivity, some software, such as DxO, creates a predefined "autotune". It can be canceled for RAW completely neutral. Affinity seems to propose (except error) neutral RAWs, with free course to the personal tastes. John Rostron rightly, the Clarity command is very effective. It gives interesting results of the "microcontrast" type.
  8. Thanks John, Upon initially setting up AP Document Set Up do I need to do anything when opening RAW files or just open them? Sorry, I had a bit of trouble loading the screenshots in the correct order I stated, the comparison of the histograms is shown in the first screenshot. I've included a screenshot comparison of the RAW file with Aperture this time. Untouched in both aperture and AP. AP interpretation of the green bush again appears to lack the definition compared to Aperture too, (Sorry, I know there a bit dark but I've not adjusted them). in AP no amount of adjustment of the RAW file brings back the definition and correct structure of the bush compared in either Aperture or Capture One. I will try AP with some other RAW files before giving up on this trail of AP, but its got off to a bad start compared to other RAW convertors. Perhaps I should use those initially and then import JPEG or TIFFs in to AP?
  9. Hi, I have opened a Sony RAW file in AP and also opened the same RAW file in CaptureOne. They present compeletly different on the same screen (see attached screen shots). As you can see the detail i.e. green bush mid foreground in the AP software is very very poor compared to capture one software at both 50% and 100% zoom. Also I note that the histogram in the develop persona is completely different to that shown in CaptureOne. The histogram changes when I "develop" the photo and become are more aligned. However, the detail in AP is still very very poor compared to CaptureOne, am I doing something wrong in the initial "document set up" stage of the AP process? Attached images are: Screen Shot 50% Zoom. Screen Shot 100% Zoom. Screen Shot Histograms Compared.
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