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  1. WOW.. .more sad now. OK, so I guess I'll stick with WebPlus for as along as I can and then hop over to another company for those needs. I've been toying with the idea of using WIX and even have the start of an update for my current, very much in need of an update, web site..... Too bad, rather give these guys the money. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. WOW, just discovered this won't even open up an HTML file so there goes that idea of a work around. That makes me sad.
  3. Considering that Affinity is part of Serif I've just discovered that I can't import in my older WebPlus website files. Will the ability of importing files like that be supported in the near future? Thanks!
  4. PS.. I've had a few folks mention work arounds. I get that but this approach is much more elegant and useful! Thanks
  5. I use WebPlus to build my website with more than any of of the other programs that Serif offered, even though I always upgraded DrawPlus, PhotoPlus and PagePlus.... In WebPlus 8 there is the Effects dialog and in that there is the 3D option and under that is the 2D area, which I never understood why that was nested there but what ever. In that area there is the ability to use an image tile to fill your object with. In Affinity Photo the 3D area is no more useful, right now, than the Bevel area. So I'm hoping that Serif had plans on adding back in the tiling images options. PLUS that would help bringing over Styles from Photoshop. Right now I'm very frustrated without that feature because I can't bring over many useful Styles I made from PS to AP. See the dialog fully expanded below... Please bring this back and make it so folks can finally bring over their beloved Styles fully from PS. Thank you Richard
  6. Interestingly enough in the "Plus" 8 versions of the older Serif products including Photo Plus and Web Plus they had a built in tool under the 3D section.. currently the 3D section is very simplified and really looks more like a clone of the Bevel section in AP. Here is an example of the Web Plus Filter Effects dialog... I really hope that Serif brings this code over to the Affinity products SOON!
  7. Hmm, seems like a long way around the issue. Again, I hope they add back in the extra stuff under the 3D Styles menu eventually.. If you ask me the current 3D offerings is almost identical to the Bevel options so it's sort of silly to have both until they can repopulate the 3D panel with the missing elements they used to offer.
  8. OK did a little test this AM with saving out 13 styles from PS in a layered file. Some with textures and others without. The ones without came in good but the ones with textures are ignored but the effect is there but just no textures. So I did a little digging. I was correct. I no longer have PhotoPlus on board but I do have WebPlus on board as I will until they release Affinity Publisher but low and behold I was correct. WebPlus Effects Dialog has a texture overlay feature under the 3D area. I really really hope they are planning on putting this back in at some point... very very useful tool for quick fills for things like texturing 3D objects .....
  9. Thanks so much. I have quite a few of "Rons" brushes that are sold at DAZ3D stuff like Waves, Fog, Water, Grunge and so forth and so on. Since I do work in the CG industry I need access to those and other brushes for creating body and facial hair and stuff like that. So thanks. I'm glad I can import in many brushes at the same time. Not too worried about the time thing, I can go watch a YouTube vid, check emails or forum posts while I wait....
  10. Ah, OK about the 6 defaults. I don't remember making any styles in AP so maybe my old brain forgot! lol So simple styles saved out in PS format will work in AP but the more complex ones with texture overlays added from within the Styles dialog in PS will not translate over to AP... I could have sworn in the old Serif PhotoPlus there was more in the Styles dialog including a texture overlay option with blend modes. I hope they have that on their list!
  11. Yes, sorry. Affinity Photo, fully updated on Windows 10. OK, well hopefully someone will come up with a way to import PS Styles at some point. The only thing that Photo doesn't offer in that styles dialog is a way to layer in an image tile that I can see. That would be a bit closer to my trying to recreate some of my PS styles. It's not like I use all of them but it would be nice to have access to them again at some point. I did find that by creating the style using one of the shapes that they now show up correctly with the gear icon but those two you see with no icons are ones that shipped with Photo so not sure why those two icons disappeared. Thank you!
  12. Ah, should have said. I'm on Windows 10. Brush categories will work. IS there a YouTube tutorial for this or is it pretty simple to figure out with a few words? Thank you!
  13. One of my biggies here. I've been using PS for over 10 years. In that 10 years I've created ALLOT of styles and brushes and .... I already posted a question about abr brushes but now I'd like a little more info about the possibility to get my styles over to Affinity. There MUST be a way or perhaps a way being worked on. I can wait as long as I know it's coming. Also I made a quickie style in Affinity but when I added it to the palette the little gear that shows what it can do never appeared. I just have a blank there. Plus a couple of defaults icons went bye bye too! Kinda strange!
  14. I'm about ready to jump off of the Photoshop ship for good but I need to know where the data for things like brushes are stored. Rather than taking the long way around by importing one brush at a time I'd rather dump them lot or point the program to my brushes folder and have them there. I found the plugins folder but looked all over, including in the App Data folder for where other bits are stored to no avail. Thanks. Been watching tutorials off and on all day long. Quite impressed. Richard