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  1. I did some quick tests … big surprise … without any EXIF info the sweep panorama is displayed on the Bravia TV if the image size is 4912x1080 … however the sweep direction is not correct, is always to the right … and in case of not complete sweeps the cropped parts of the panorama are displayed greyed … i.e. the panorama full width and height of Sony MakeNotes are probably dispensable … but obviously not panorama direction, panorama crob etc. … so AP should leave the MakerNotes untouched … more testing required for other image sizes
  2. Thank you for your posting It is a SONY Bravia KDL 46W905A BTW i asked Sony Germany support which EXIF parts are absolutely necessary for sweep panorama ... their mantra: an edited image is perhaps not displayed ... but not more infos ... missing expertise or SONY secret ? after the holidays I will take a closer look with EXIFtool
  3. Oh boy, a lot of meat to eat ... thank you for your links
  4. Sorry for my double posting on Friday, I am a newbie here … I did not find my posting right away and assumed that forum SW ignored this posting and so I reposted my question. It seems to me that I have stirred up a hornets’ nest … hope that in the near future AP preserves SONY makernotes.
  5. Thank you for your quick reply … hope this deficiency (bug?) has a reasonable priority in Serif’s dev team and I have not to wait for AP 2.x … BTW is there a bug tracker that i can check?
  6. :-( Hope somebody responds on my question of my friday quote and can confirm that AP leaves the SONY MakerNotes of my panorama image untouched.
  7. Is it possible to extend the test phase of the Affinity Photo trial version (Windows)? I want to convince myself that AP 1.6 is not stripping metadata of my Sony sweep panorama images. TIA
  8. I noticed that embedded metadata of an exported jpg image are modified by the Affinity Photo trial version (Windows). Obviously MakerNotes are stripped. That worries me in particular with my sweep panorama pictures of my Sony digicam. I assume that Sony MakerNotes must be evaluated to display a sweep panorama correctly. Unfortunately my trial version expired and I could not check this :-(. My question: is this sweep panorama function affected by AP ? Any experience with AP 1.6. exports of Sony sweep panoramas? TIA
  9. Using the trial version of Affinity Photo I recognized that AP 1.6 is modifying the embedded metadata on export of a jpeg image. Mainly the MakerNotes have been deleted. This worries me because perhaps I can not show anymore sweep panoramas on my Sony TV. I assume that the slide show function of the TV evaluates certain MakerNotes of an image. However I could not verify that because my trial period was too short and has expired meanwhile :-( Who of you AP experts have experience with sweep panoramas and can (or cannot) confirm that AP does not affect this function at all? TIA