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  1. Alternativ kann ich dir Tablet Pro empfehlen, das ist eine kleine App mit der es möglich ist virtuelle Tasten zu programmieren. Somit fällt die Tastatur weg und alle wichtigen Tasten sind auf dem Display vorhanden! https://tabletpro.com/
  2. flymatze

    Downgrade to V. 1.5 ?!?

    Now i installed the Beta, but i´ve got a crash with the Beta too. Now it´s a new Crash file. In the 1.6.1 i´ve got the same Crash everytime. That one that i posted. On the Beta Version, this one happens. 146bafbe-6861-4c25-94db-cf7cfe2d520a.dmp
  3. What a terrible morning.... Hey guys, the Update to 1.6.1...is.....wuhaaarg...yesterday, it was okay. maybe Affinity Photo crashed every 30 minutes...but today, it crashed afters seconds of work, again and again. I´ve got a important project to finish today... So, is it possible to downgrade Affintiy Photo to Version 1.5? it works fine and never crashed on my Computer. Crahs Report: af075954-e449-4ac0-8721-72f0c81cd00c.dmp Best regards
  4. Hey guys. today i created my own brushes and everything worked fine. So i exported them to send them to a friend. After i restarted Affinity Photo, they changed completly my Settings. I´ve got to Images for you that shows how they changed. The first picture shows my brush settings. The second picture shows the Brushes after i restartet Affinity Photo. I think there is a Bug that have to be fixed.