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  1. Thanks Stokerg. I appreciate the feedback and guidance. Will follow through and work the image accordingly. I found the video very helpful, but couldnt translate process directly for iPad. Perhaps a new tutorial would help others as well. Affinity Photo (any platform) is fantastic. Used to use Photoshop (elements) and Corel X8, but Affinity does it all and more logically in work flow. Thanks for the guidance on iPad Pro. It would seem (of course, obviously) that the Apple Pencil becomes the “mouse” on iPad Pro vs being on a Mac or W10 device.
  2. Trying to replicate the process (link) to blur (bokeh) an image background and use a mask to retain sharpness of foreground. Desktop version seems to work fine. Ipad version mask requires precise tracing of foreground vs the general masking (black) and having image show properly per the desktop version. How can the ipad version behave like desktop version? Using an Ipad Air2. Does Affinity Photo run differently on iPad Pro?
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