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  1. GaseousClay

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I didn't doubt it for one minute. Congratulations everyone
  2. GaseousClay

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Vote added, looking better now
  3. GaseousClay

    Call for Camera Images

    Just uploaded Eos7dmark2 with EF100-400 mark one and same camera with EF600F4 with 1.4 extender, RAW and JPG sooc.
  4. GaseousClay

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone, names is Martin. Been a lurker for sometime but owned Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo since their release on Windows. Keen wildlife photographer particularly birds, and enjoy trying to create imagery using Affinity Designer as a hobbyist. Loving the apps and looking forward to future developments especially a lightroom killer and a Publishing app. Thanks for all the hints and tips from my previous visits and to the Affinity team for their excellent video tuts.