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  1. I removed the failed links to the Master page and reapplied them and saved as a new document apart from adding a couple of rounded rectangles and checking the global colour function I haven't altered anything. However as you can see from the video the layers panel is now reporting unlinked attributes again... the difference this time is if I edit the global colour it effects all pages.
  2. Thanks for the reply MEB and the concise explanation A good question indeed, I'll have another go at creating a similar layout and see if I can twig what's gone wrong in my method, as I have not wittingly unlinked any aspect ( I'm not sure I would even know how to ) As you can see from my earliest post the issue appears to be a common one, even though as far as I can remember the layout was constructed initially on the Master page and then applied to the content pages with no other action from my point of view. regards GC
  3. Hi Chris. Yeah the object on the page doesn't update. As you can see resizing an object isn't a problem, just the global colour edit
  4. I didn't put the table on the master, there seems to be a bug with that and the picture frame tool some one else has reported
  5. This is what I'm getting, notice the circle doesn't update throught to all the pages.
  6. I haven't release pages from the master but checking back they do appear to have done so. I'll have another play. I was playing about with another calendar I'd created after your helpful post and I tried applying G/colour to that. I got similar problems, on that particular example no pages updated and when I forced the master to apply to the rest I managed to get syncronising but The frame containing the Months, days and dates deleted themselves from my January page. Very odd behaviour
  7. Global colours are giving inconsistent results. As shown below if I apply a global colour to an element in a master page and then edit that G/colour, the results don't filter down to the document pages consistently. As illustrated all the pages from 2 to 9 are linked to the same master page but not all updated.
  8. I decided on my username from the fact my surname is Clay, a mate at school used to call me Cassius but I never was much of a fighter. Though I do suffer with a lot of wind.
  9. Fab work Eugene, I'm going to digest this over the next couple of days. Need to get my head around this shortcut for populating the dates for each month, I did mine manually per month. I noticed if you just click the tab that you used to drag for more rows, you get a pop out with a counter, handy for larger number of rows.
  10. I didn't doubt it for one minute. Congratulations everyone
  11. Hello everyone, names is Martin. Been a lurker for sometime but owned Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo since their release on Windows. Keen wildlife photographer particularly birds, and enjoy trying to create imagery using Affinity Designer as a hobbyist. Loving the apps and looking forward to future developments especially a lightroom killer and a Publishing app. Thanks for all the hints and tips from my previous visits and to the Affinity team for their excellent video tuts.
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