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    dwhh reacted to c-s in "Crop to opaque" in Develop Persona   
    When working with lens correction in the Develop Persona, a "Crop to opaque" option would be really useful (the same as in the panorama function). I'd highly appreciate if you could implement this feature. Thanks in advance. Keep up the excellent work! :)
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    dwhh reacted to TommyP in Crop to Opaque   
    Hello Affinity.
    In the Panorama Persona we are given two extremely useful tools. Crop to Opaque and Inpaint Missing Areas. Please consider porting these options to all Crop/straighten tools. 
    Thank you for a wonderful program!!!
    ps, if you visit this thread and agree with me, please give it a +1.
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    dwhh got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    Added I few for Canon 1300D, RAW and OOC JPEG.