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  1. There is a workaround: 1. Duplicate the layer without the fx 2. In the original layer create the outer shadow (or whatever fx you like) 3. In the fx dialog set fill opacity to 0% 4. Rasterise this layer with "Preserve layer fx" unchecked 5. You get a pixel layer with the fx only
  2. When you make adjustments in the blend options of a layer it is sometimes difficult to assess the resulting effect. So it would really come in handy to have a possibility to switch blend options on and off in order to see the before and after. Besides this every layer with adjusted blend options should have a cog icon showing next to the layer name. For layer effects it is already there.
  3. My perception when changing to 1.7 was different. It was a huge decrease in startup time.
  4. Sure Walt, that's a way. But not that much less cumbersome... But of course there are many issues with Photo which have a higher priority.
  5. Please keep the entered search term when switching between the different stock archives. At the moment the search term is cleared and has to be reentered whenever you switch to another archive which makes browsing really cumbersome.
  6. Thank you, James, for those detailed explanations of the technical background. It starts making sense now. Nevertheless I think that colour decontamination should be an option and have an intensity slider like the other parameters. And I also know that documentation is just an imposition for software developers, but the the "Refine selection" part really lacks a lot of information about what is going on when particular options are chosen. So it really needs a thorough revision. And if only to avoid false impressions...
  7. It is not a matterof fairness. I was not searching for issues, I just wanted to correct the mask after refining and stumbled across this. If anything, the software is not acting in a fair manner, because of a completely counterintuitive behaviour... Besides I cannot see the point in having pixel layer and mask separated when both only work together... If the mask only works with this exact pixellayer changes, it is just useless to have the separation. Well, then why isn't colour decontamination an option in the refine dialogue? And why isn't it mentioned anywhere? Indeed, I tried to improve the mask after refining.. Well, using output to mask doesn't give you the exact same result as previewed in the refine dialogue as I already pointed out about two years ago: [AP] Refine selection preview issue
  8. Yet another issue with selection refinement. Refine selection with output to new layer is completely broken. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use the selection brush to make a selection 2. Refine selection witht the Matte brush 3. Choose output to "New layer with mask" and apply 4. Switch off the mask, the new pixel layer is completely destroyed. It shows the traces of the Matte brush Sadly this is just one more issue with refining selections. Come on Serif, you should put a lot more effort in improving this function. PS is much more reliable here. AP Windows 10
  9. I came across a strange behaviour concerning image layers vs. pixel layers. In the attached file there are two groups each with the same layers: Well, actually there is a little difference between the groups: in the lower group the bokeh image is an image layer, in the upper group the image layer was rasterized to an pixel layer. Both bokeh layers have the same blend ranges: The mask layers in both groups are completely white. When the mask is switched off, in both groups the resulting images are completely the same. But when the mask is switched on, although as an empty mask it should not have any effect, in the image layer group the resulting image differs from the "unmasked" version. This looks like a bug to me. AP behaves as expected when blend ranges are reset. It looks as if the "white color" of the mask layer has some effect because of the setting in the source layer ranges. Well, only in the image layer group. Strange.... AP Windows 10 GirlWithBokeh_Mask.afphoto
  10. 1. Select the "The Mask" layer mask you want to improve 2. Go to Channels and right click "The Mask Alpha" -> Create Grayscale Layer 3. A new pixel layer is created which can be edited with the paint brush in overlay mode 4. Make sure the new pixel layer is not a child layer, move it outside if necessary. 5. Choose "Rasterize to Mask" from the context menu of this pixel layer. 6. Move the new mask where you need it. This is a very cumbersome way and there is no live preview possible either. Masks should be treated like pixel layers when it comes to manipulating. You need a live preview. The greyscale layer step should not be necessary. It is kind of frustrating to see that in two years since I am an Affinity user nothing was improved concerning masks.
  11. Well, actually it is not the poor primary selection that bothers me too much here since this is something highly dependent of contrast. Low contrast, poor selection, fair enough. I mentioned this in my original post. What is really annoying is the fact that once you are in refining mode, you cannot improve a poor selection by precisely determining particular foreground/background areas. It is impossible because AP tries to intelligently decide where you might want the fg/bg border to be. Little hint: it is exactly where it was painted! So any selection "improved" by fg/bg brushing will inevitably be worse than before because fg/bg bleeeding is created that cannot be corrected without new bleeding. Just take the image from the original post an try it yourself. It is sad that there was no improvement whatsoever in "Refine selection", the behaviour has not changed at all, even this bug still exists.
  12. When sampling a color with the paint brush tool by pressing the ALT key, always the global color as it can be seen on the screen is sampled. If there are brightening or darkening layers above the current layer, the sampled color is brightened or darkened once more, which ends up in a completely wrong color. The actual color picker tool has a source setting "Current layer" which samples the correct color. So either the paint brush tool should consider the color picker tool's source setting when sampling a color or it needs an own setting for sampling colors.  There is a dark blue circle on the middle layer used as sampling source. The top layer has a brightening effect. The color for the lower dot on the right was sampled with the actual color picker tool with source set to "Current layer", the color is correct. The color for the upper dot was sampled with the paint brush tool's inbuilt color picker by pressing ALT: the color chosen is already brighter than it actually is and is then brightened once more. 
  13. I'd like a brush category "Recently used" on top of the list that automatically shows the ten (number could be configurable) most recently used brushes. Would make it much easier to switch between brushes of different categories. Alternatively (or additionally ) a category "Favourites" would be nice, to easily find frequently used brushes. 
  14. With CTRL+left click on a layer icon it is possible to create a selection from the contents of this layer. In PS (I know, AP is not PS...) you can use SHIFT or ALT as modifiers for adding to, subtracting from or intersecting with an existing selection. I would like to see this in AP, too. For adding two or more layers to a single selection there is at least a workaround: make a group from the layers you want the selection from and CTRL+left click the group layer icon to get a selection made of the "summed up" content of each of the grouped layers. However I haven't either figured out a way to realize the other operations or how to modify an existing selection with "selection from layer". 
  15. Still the same in Really, no one else? Just add an option in the tool settings of the paint brush: "Sample source: Current layer, Global" Otherwise sampling with the paint brush is quite useless... It's the little things that keep Affinity from being a real PS alternative...
  16. Same problem in Any comments from the Serif staff? Refine selection is completely useless... No improvements here whatsoever in about two years.
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