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  1. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    @Chris B Hello again! I just wanted to check in and see if there has been any update regarding this issue. I tried updating to the current version again, and found that the pressure sensitivity problem still persists. Has there been any updates regarding a fix for it? Thanks!
  2. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    @Chris B I just wanted to check back in on this issue. My computer automatically updated to the current version of Photo recently, and noticed that I was still having the same problem with my brush. I have restored the earlier version once again to keep my brush tool functioning normally. Is there any word on this issue and if it is any closer to being resolved? Thanks!
  3. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Version 1.5.2
  4. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    @Chris B I have a quick update that I thought would be worth sharing. I have an Apple Time Capsule, so I was able to remove my current copy of Affinity Photo and restore the previous version that was on my computer from late October. The pressure sensitivity with the brush tool works perfectly, even in a 20 by 10 inch file at 600 ppi. I'll just avoid updating to the current version until a fix for this bug has been found.
  5. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    @Chris B Thanks for the update about the logged bugs. Ever since it happened I've been thinking it was just some problem with my machine that I couldn't get any help on. It's good to know that Serif is aware of this and working on it.
  6. Van Doozledorf

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Hello! I have recently been having a similar problem, and I haven't found any indication online of anyone having a similar issue until finding this thread here. I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro and an iMac. The thing is, I purchased a new Wacom Intuos Pro a few weeks ago, which turned out to have a defective USB jack, making its connection to my computer unstable. The pressure sensitivity issues started around that time, and I thought they were a result of the defective tablet. I returned it to Wacom last week, and while I'm waiting for the replacement to arrive I am using my old Wacom tablet. Unfortunately, the pressure sensitivity issues are still happening. After testing out the brush sensitivity in Pixelmator a couple days ago, I found that this issue only happens in Affinity Photo. As near as I can tell, the issue is identical to what ChristiduToit describes. I have also watched the video you posted, and that matches my issues as well. I think I may have one additional detail to add on my end. I've noticed that when I make a stroke quickly, touching the pen to the tablet and drawing in one swift motion, the line is consistently thin. If I continue drawing a long line this way while keeping consistent pressure, the size of the brush stroke eventually increases to match the pressure, but slowly. Additionally, if I draw a line by pressing the pen down and then waiting a moment before I first move it, the line will be consistently thick. If you have any updates on this issue, please let me know. I hope the additional information I had will help.

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