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  1. Reneraw

    Lens correction onb Sony files not working?

    Hi CHris I just uploaded a screen dump which shows the AWR file without the distortion. Not to be awkward but to show that the file seems to be OK.
  2. Reneraw

    Lens correction onb Sony files not working?

    Hi Chris I just uploaded the AWR. I did also two additional checks; a I had the A7 on uncompressed AWR so I compared two photo's , one uncompressed the other compressed. There was distortion wise no difference. b I noticed that in assistant manager that the adobe depth was 16 bit and the photo has 32 bit, I corrected this but this gave no difference in distortion. Hopefully you can make sense of this, thank you for trying. Kind regards Rene
  3. Reneraw

    Lens correction onb Sony files not working?

    Thanks Chris for your reply. I am currently at my work, as soon as I am at home I will transfer the file. Yes I did close and reopen the image after toggling lens correction. Thanks again René
  4. Hi I can open AWR files in Afiinity which are opened in the develop persona. The lens I use ia mentioned but there is no difference between lens correction on and off. The PDF does not show the same distortion as the AWR. I use a A7 in PAS-C mode and the lens is a 18-105 from SOny. Not a full frame lens therefore i use the APS mode. I attached some screen dumps and a pdf. Does anyone have a suggestion what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance Rene
  5. Reneraw

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all. My name is Rene, my display name is Reneraw. STarted off with Affinity a couple of weeks ago. I use a Sony A7. I am going to look for a place in this forum about how Affinity responds to the AWR files becausething is not quite right. In any case Hi to you all and I hope I will create wonderfull photo's with Affinity in the future.