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  1. Wosven, What should I do then? I received the answer I need and licensed the image. Can I edit a post to delete an image? Steve
  2. I found the image using Bing's image search. From that search, I registered with Dreamstime image seller. Downloaded the image, so, while I still have to remove the white background, I have legal permission to use the image now. Thanks to you all.
  3. First Defense, It was a PNG when I imported it and I exported it as a PNG. Will that be a problem? Steve
  4. Psenda, Thank you but you did not understand what I want. I imported the graphic off the web. I then opened it in Affinity Designer. I cut out what I could but there is still some background showing. I want to select just the white background, which is on the same layer as the branch, with a click, and then delete all those white pixels. Steve
  5. I have a vector art file with a white background. I want to remove the white background so that the background is transparent. The actual graphic doesn't have any white in it. Is there a way to (a) select all white pixels, and (b) delete them so that only a transparency remains? Thanks
  6. Hey V_ Your Image Converter for Visio seems to work great! Thanks, Steve
  7. When I contacted sales about Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, I was told one of them would convert photos and other images to Visio (.png I think) stencils. I would IDEALLY like to do the following: Import photos of objects I take that display an object from all six angles; Convert the set into a single .PNG object; Be able to rotate this image to any angle and obtain a visually/optically correct view. Can either package, or the two working together, do this? Thanks
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