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  1. Another thing I should mention. I use two monitors, AD is on one, and Finder on the other. Shouldn't make any difference, but perhaps it does?
  2. Hi @Dan C. Thanks for the response! What I meant by 'active window' is that the Affinity Designer app has to be the selected and highlighted window in OSX. If, as is easily done, you make Finder the active window as you select the file to drag and drop it, and the Affinity Designer window is still visible but not selected, then the drag and drop fails as described. That is, Affinity still sees the pdf file, but it opens the pop up window behind the main window. If I remember to ensure that the Affinity Designer window is active and selected, and then 'stealthily' drag and drop the file (being careful not to select the Finder window by mistake), then the import works successfully and the pop up window appears in front of Affinity Designer. If this still isn't clear I'll make a screen capture video as you suggest. I should also reiterate that this isn't a new issue. AD has *always* behaved like this as long as I can remember. When I forget and get bitten, I usually just curse and force quit. What triggered me enough to complain this time was that I hadn't saved the document I was working on and, once this happens, there is no way to save. No way out other than to force quit.
  3. I've had this issue with Affinity Designer on Mac for years, but have always lived with it. Today it bit me three times so I'm motivated to finally ask a question! If I drag and drop a non native file such as a pdf or ai file into Designer it opens a small pop-up window to confirm parameters such as dpi, fonts etc. In itself that isn't a problem, however, depending on which window was last active, that pop up window can open behind the main Affinity Window. If that happens there is no way to access it. Affinity is waiting for input from that window, but there is no way to get to the window to provide that input. The main Affinity window is locked out, and will accept no input. Nor can you access it through the 'show all windows' option in the dock. The only way I've found to recover is to do a force quit on AD and start again. That often results in lost data and much cursing... Is there a way to avoid this problem or to recover from it? As I say this issue has been there in every version of AD since the beginning. I can usually avoid it by remembering to click n the AD window first to make sure it's active, but I forget from time to time.
  4. Thanks MEB. I saw there were issues with 'Combine' I didn't know they applied to 'Add' as well. This is a function I use quite often so looking forward to the fix. PS I've now completely switched to using Affinity Designer from competing software. I very much appreciate the friendly and responsive forum with direct responses from the developers. Knowing somebody is listening goes a very long way to smooth over any cracks! :-)
  5. Using V1.2, I'm having problems with the 'Add' geometry command. Here's an example: 1. Draw four rectangles 2. Rotate and align 3. Select them all and use Geometry/Add and you get this: I would expect to get this, but I can't no matter in which order I try and Add them, it always breaks. :( Three rectangles sometimes works, four always breaks.
  6. Thanks! Glad it's not just me going crazy. :-)
  7. Yes, those specific fields work for me too. As I said it's inconsistent. Please try the dashed line fields, perhaps it's just them that are broken? I use the dashed line parameters a lot, so it jumped out at me as a problem.
  8. Using in full screen mode (and perhaps in windowed mode, I haven’t tested) the use of the Tab key to tab between fields rather than switching on and off the UI seems a little inconsistent. For example, when setting the new dashed line parameters it would be very useful just to be able to tab between the four fields rather than having to go back to the mouse and click again. However, if you press Tab, it just switches the UI off. :-( However, the Tab key does work as expected when setting a color using RGB to tab between the RGB fields. :-) I can't think when I'd want to use Tab to switch off the UI, I'd much rather the Tab key always selected the next editable field (if appropriate) as is standard in most Apps. Thanks for considering!
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