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  1. I am using my Canon 5D Mark IV. I didn’t try Apple Photos but Affinity Photo on my iPad. The CR2 files opened perfectly on my iPad. I can check again with Apple Photo on the Mac and let you know once done.
  2. Thank you all for your input. :-) My default settings were already Apple (Core Image RAW). Maybe I have changed that in the past already, not sure however. I have changed to Serif Lab now and the files open without failure. I have tried two CR2 files and both opened fine. Since I hade the same problem before when doing HDR stacking I will try that and see if HDR stacking now also works fine. I otherwise may follow Jiri12's recommendations... Regards Tom
  3. Hello, I have difficulties opening my RAW files on my MAC. When ever I open RAW files from my Canon in CR2 format the pictures show corrupted and I do not know what best explains the failure. Looks like some tiling or what ever is the best explanation. What is the problem and how can I correct that? I have sent Affinity an email with my problem some time ago but never seen any response. I hope I am not alone and others may have any solution? It works fine with JPEG. See attached for more information, tiling can be seen in red markings. Regards Tom
  4. Hi, I have tried several times to open CR2 files taken with my Canon 5D MK IV. Unfortunately 99% of the pictures I am opening are not aligned and seem to be corrupted when opening with the Affinity Photo 1.6.6 app on my MAC. The picture seems to be opening in different rectangular parts that are not aligned and making an overall pic... As the problem is difficult to explain I have attached a picture and hope anyone can help me to get this resolved. I can handle JPG or TIFF files without a problem. Looks like the pronblem also occures when opening DNG files. So has perhaps something to do with RAW material??? I have tried HDR stack with CR2 and DNG files but non are working and always result in I this corrupted pics. I hope somebody can help me with this one :-/ Regards Tom
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