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  1. Hello and thank you, your suggestion works but i think that product has a problem with multi-monitor management: UserStory: As user I would like to open Affinity on my PC (Surface 4 pro with windows 10) attached to a secondary monitor Behaviour to replicate the error: - Open Affinity on first monitor (Surface pro) - Open a photo - Make a selection - Open the refine panel - Close the refine panel - Switch monitor and move affinity on the second monitor - Open the refine panel [ERROR Refine panel not shows] hope this help, thanks and regards, luca
  2. Hi all, I'm new in affinity, but i think that this is not a normal behaviour. When I try to refine a selection clicking on the botton in the toolbar i expect to see the refine dialog (that has also the apply button), unfortunatelly, Dialog doesn't appear and i can't save my work, is it a bug or there is a way to show this panel? thank you, luca