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  1. I found a solution! Here is my steps with images: Add a white fill layer Right click on this layer -> Rasterize and trim On Effects tab click Inner shadow and set border size what you want. Use cog for border intensity, plus can use offset tool, angle, and much great option for perfect border! When border is ready, right click on this layer, and select Rasterize to mask. That's all, and have transparented border! If you need art-like border, just follow these steps: Create white fill layer on top Select a brushes with black color and painting a border. You will see background under black areas. When ready, select Rasterize to Mask, and fix mask with brush if need.
  2. Thanks! I see now, but I no changed, goes to 0 automatically. I never set opacity to 0 on a brush. Why changed if I need this...
  3. Dear developers, I add an Adjustments layer to a photo (Recolour), and when I try mask in Photo persona, Just black working, white brush working as black, create hole. If invert this adjustments layer, and white brush work as black again. Please fix this! Have a temporary solution: switch from greyscale color picker to RGB and then change sliders.
  4. This text-box bug have in all Affinity programs, I found in Photo too.
  5. I found a temporary solution: create a group with graphical item select texts and manually drop to group
  6. Dear developers, I found a problem, here is steps: Made two bubbles with textboxes, these objects has grouped select these groups and make group again (with button or CTRL+G) font sizes will change. Please fix this bug! Here is my project with history: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gtd35PFy58BCsil1Aw?e=eSXGfh Before group: After grouped:
  7. Bug have in 903 build. I tested with and without Open CL. With this export was fast, without was 4 minutes on my PC with buggy layer on, and image size get bigger without OpenCL. Link is same, there is 903 project and results too.
  8. Huh! That's interesting! I didn't use thumbnails in history, but included, maybe help for you...
  9. I tested with RC1 (version 900) and bug is there. But I found what generate this bug! I have an Unsharp Mask layer in a Group, and if I turned off this, then generated image will perfect! If turn on this layer, then JPEG export will buggy. Drive link is same with projects and samples: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gs0nuOICX591tkedCQ?e=67x372
  10. Thanks for help, and I hope this will improvement in future, because area over hair need more transparent for perfect working.
  11. I have many EPS file too, and convert to SVG (1.0 or 1.1 versions from Illustrator), to PDF (1.4 - 1.8 versions) or open with Inkscape was not helped. I waiting a solution for this problem.
  12. @Gabe thank you, I uploaded, and project includes original picture and cutted version as new layer.
  13. Hi @Gabe, Can I send this project as private? Photo is commercial licensed what I used.
  14. Tested with build 885, and problem is there (link is same for samples). I waiting fixes before final version will release.
  15. Hello, I use Refine after image selection, and selected Matte on image. In preview see very nice output. Cutted image send to a New Image. After PNG save I see a border around image when I zoom to this what leaved Matte area. Cuttted image is not clear on hair. Please fix this, because this area will show on print. Here is this image as PNG, if need: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284gtEvI3rA0RLCXA2zFQ?e=MBjlG4
  16. Hi all, I have a book, and fill textboxes with autoflow. But newer pages have vertical align middle. How can I select all textboxes on selected pages and apply vertical align to top? If selected text with CTRL+A not helped, and align applied to active textbox only.
  17. This bug is not unique, and I think it's hardware (OpenCL) merge bug. Here is a same problem:
  18. Sorry guys, I have latest driver, and generated with this "pixelate" image. I have Radeon RX 460. This will be a cascaded Live filters problem. I mixed with groups, masks too, with simple trees have no problem, or I use software based render (no GPU), but without acceleration I get 100% CPU load with this project.
  19. This bug release in 876 too. Link same is for 876 project, hardware acceleration is enabled.
  20. I use *.jpg from 25 years (from DOS and Win 3.1)... Just this, no else. Same format with two extension type. I use shorter version always.
  21. Why is *.jpeg extension by default on export? I use *.jpg extension for images on everywhere, and from now is very uncomfortable for me. Need change on every export of this extension I'm sad!
  22. Very interesting. I used standard live filters and adjustments (Unsharp mask, Noise Reduction, Levels), and a few curves for example, but groupped and used mask too on group. Maybe it's too hard for export?
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