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    DAMn, where is it?

    It may not do everything but another user mentioned Pixave which looks quite promising. There is also an VERY in-depth tutorial here if you want to see more.
  2. Interesting read Picnicmetoo What are your thoughts on RAW power? I have only had a very brief play on MacOS, I wasn't too sure about it. I am about to take the plunge on an iPad pro 10.5" and trying to think about my workflow going forward. I have also just got a secondhand D7000 and some lenses. and looking at starting with a clean slate and go with the iPad pro for most of my editing (I am just a hobbyist and don't edit mountains of photos so I think it can work for me). One question I had was regarding Photos app and shooting RAW, I read earlier posts about people having problems getting RAW photos into AP due to Photos app just showing jpeg previews and not full RAW files, has this situation changed at all? AP has been updated a few times since I read those posts. I have the WD My Passport wireless which I am also thinking about how to integrate into the workflow whilst on the go. Its frustrating that WD don't seem to listen to users with adding RAW support to the WD Mycloud app, It's just SO obvious. Also does anyone have experience with the Toshiba Flash air cards in DSLR's/iPad Pro?