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  1. I want to call attention to this problem again. Some of my documents have about a zillion text styles due to copying text between files…
  2. I'm referring to the moment of conversion. If I have a piece of Frame Text and convert it to Artistic Text, my intent is to output text that looks like what I had but which will now resize with its parent going forward.
  3. Would be useful for me as well because I don't always correctly anticipate whether I'll want some text to resize with its parent or not. Note: When converting from Frame Text to Artistic Text, Artistic Text should not stretch to fill the Frame. Instead, the converted text should be visually the same and the Transform values reset.
  4. Prior to 1.6, it was possible (at least on the Mac) to start dragging an element with the trackpad and then pan around the workspace. The AFDesigner 1.6 release notes included "Improved pan/zoom performance". Could that be the culprit? Please consider reinstating the ability to drag and pan. Thank you!
  5. For UI design, I configure reusable components, which often involves toggling layer checkboxes. I've noticed that my Mac's scroll bars frequently get in the way. So, instead of toggling a box, I fly up or down the list because I've clicked a new position on the scroll bar. I have changed my system preferences to always show scrollbars, which fixes the problem. But optimally, the scrollbar in the Layers panel would be permanently shown regardless system preferences, so that the checkboxes don't overlap.
  6. Genius. Thanks for letting me know. (Personally I'd still prefer if it only took one click outside the text area.)
  7. I assumed Assets could not be reordered. Happy to be wrong. Why the ⌥ modifier key, though?
  8. Would be SO nice to fix this!
  9. In the scheme of things, this is minor. But it makes sense and would be a welcome improvement!
  10. Adding resizable, infinitely repeating seamless vector backgrounds to elements/artboards would be useful. Seems like there might be performance issues, though…
  11. It would be amazing to resize an artboard in a way that simulates RWD with CSS grids.
  12. Obviously very useful. When I discovered there are plans for an Affinity Publisher, I was just so happy. You guys are so unbelievably talented! (Just don't bite off more than you can chew.)
  13. I'll just chime in with my two cents. This should never come to Affinity Designer. Another app is fine.
  14. OP was childish. Making and maintaining a version for another OS isn't trivial. I have no idea if it would make business sense. If it would, then great. I'd love a Linux version in case I someday get too fed up with the Mac.
  15. It's good business sense to make this an Affinity Designer 2 feature (i.e. paid upgrade). Such an important feature.