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  1. I'm constantly amazed by how excellent and dependable the Affinity suite is. Certainly I'm aware of certain bugs, which can be a pain, but these are complex apps and, in my experience, they do get addressed in updates. Not trying to push anyone's buttons or delegitimize anyone's frustrations. Just want to report that I'm incredibly happy that Serif exists. Literally my favorite apps ever.
  2. It is possible to pin the panel to the left on a Mac. No good?
  3. Shift+Tab does not work for me. Tabbing from S to X does.
  4. Has anyone else noticed the layers panel in AFPhoto refusing to collapse layers or otherwise behaving erratically? I have experienced this on two different computers on multiple different files (though I do work on the same files between computers). I'll update this post with a screenshot next time I see it. Edit: Updated
  5. I found a workaround. Rasterizing did the trick. Ideally my adjustments would all be non-destructive, however, so if anyone has other insights, I'd still appreciate it! Edit: Rasterize does not always work. I have another file that I can't find a way to get rid of these artifacts. Edit 2: I tried increasing quality to 100. Doesn't help. Edit 3: Exporting at original resolution (4032x3024) solves the problem, and the solution is maintained when opening the 4032x3024 jpeg and exporting to the desired 1200x900 size. My question remains: Is there a better way? Edit 4: I'm attaching more photos. This issue is brutal to my workflow.
  6. I've uploaded each the AFPhoto file and the exported image. Notice the white outlines where the inpainting was done. Setup is iMac latest OS and AFPhoto versions. Export settings are jpeg, 1200x900, 85 quality Can anyone suggest a possible workaround? Thank you test.afphoto
  7. I'd like to add a watermark to this image a bit like what has been shown to the bottom left. However, the box area where the blur effect has been applied has a very visible edge. Is there a way to blur the image underneath the watermark so that the effect decreases with the radius? I'm pretty much an AFPhoto beginner, so maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Any guidance appreciated!
  8. Also, if I rotate the image and then add the rectangular clipping mask, I get another issue (see images). How do I solve this? It seems like you somehow solved it with the last file haakoo... (Edit: the example I gave did not include rotations, but in fact there frequently are attempts to straighten the image) (Edit 2: The rotation does NOT affect the exported file, so this wasn't an issue after all.)
  9. Thanks haakoo, your solution works! However, I do find that I have to keep resizing, repositioning, and re-rotating the 4:3 clipping rectangles after making additional edits because they scale/move/rotate with the images they clip. Edit: I discovered that "Lock Children" solves this problem.
  10. It has just occurred to me that I could manually resize/reposition each slice in the Export Persona, but is there any way to avoid doing this manually? Scratch that, that doesn't work either.
  11. Quick Explanation When I try to export slices created from layers, the output files are not cropped to the document. I can "Rasterize & Trim" each layer to get the desired output, but I'd like a non-destructive way to do it. Any ideas? Detailed Explanation I'm taking photos of a number of products, each of which have 6 photos of the same size. My goal is to keep one AFPhoto file per product with each of the 6 photos as layers, with all edits made non-destructively, and then export each photo with a lower resolution (for web) in bulk to a designated "Processed Photos" folder. Here's my current, problematic workflow: Open up all product photos as layers in one AFPhoto file Perform various edits, including rotating, cropping, etc to each layer Create slices from layers in Export Persona Set up export settings and export each slice to the destination folder The problem is that the output files are not cropped to the document boundary as shown in AFPhoto. I can solve this problem by selecting each layer and choosing "Rasterize & Trim", but this is destructive, which I don't want. Appreciate the help. I'm guessing it's a pretty simple solution, but I'm an amateur at this software.
  12. I want to follow up here because I have found that, very often, the "double click outside text area" doesn't work as expected. So I would like to report it as a bug.
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