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  1. Here's an interesting link that was recommended on understanding DPI, in case anyone here is interested. http://sebastien-gabriel.com/designers-guide-to-dpi/
  2. I did, I tried all the different options. I think it was blurry... Using pngs and resizing the image a little less seems to work well. Thanks!
  3. Jhoude

    Paint Brush Tool

    Another question relating to the color picker, I always want it to pick the color from the current layer, not global. Is there a way to set it as my preference so I won't need to check it every time I use it?
  4. I often use the color picker to touch up my coloring and once I click on the Paint Brush, the color always switches to the other color... (the two circles under the Color tab) Having to constantly switch back to the color I just picked is obviously annoying and I don't understand why this happens. If I just picked a color I obviously want to use the one I just picked, not the one I had to use 5 minutes ago... How can I fix this?
  5. Thank you! But what would Graphic Converter do that Affinity can't?
  6. I kind of concluded that my best option is just to increase my pixel dimensions, the image is never going to be clear at around 500px. I guess I have to give up having it displayed at exactly the dimensions that I would like it to be displayed. Would it work better if the pixel dimensions of my original image were smaller?
  7. Thanks everyone for all your help. I read the articles suggested by Lenmerkel and now things are definitely a little clearer... But it didn't solve my problem, although it did improve the quality of my image. But I guess I want it to look as clear as the original and it sounds like that might not even be possible. So I tried all the different options and by far the best option seems to be using pngs instead of jpegs. So thanks for the suggestion R C-R! I also think the Lanczos 3 (non-separable) is the clearest, but the only problem is that it also darkens the line in my drawings... if it wasn't for that, this is what works best for me. Can anyone think of a way to resolve that problem? Since it's a drawing and my drawing is in a separate layer, I was wondering if making the line less dark before resampling would work? Something else to try... In one of the articles there was a mention of using filters to sharpen a resampled image? Does anyone here know much about filters and how to use them? What I was worried about with the DPI was the file size, that it would take longer to appear and would take up too much space. But in this case I'm more concerned with the quality. v_kyr - I noticed there are no bicubic sharper option in Affinity, only bicubic. Are you saying bicubic sharper in Photoshop would be more effective? What is GraphicsConverter? lenmerkel - The original image is 1926px by 2301px and I would like to resample it at 471px by 563px. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to print anything, I just wanted to reduce the pixel dimension.
  8. Jhoude

    Defective Zoom Tool

    If you do some investigating, please let me know what you find out. Good to hear it might be helpful to other people.
  9. I still don't understand why I've been using Photoshop and Pixelmator for years and never had to study this stuff... But I agree that having a better understanding of it will probably help me get the results I want. I kind of thought that using a software application would help you not have to deal with these complications, like their job would be to have it figured out for the user so dealing with the app is not complicated and frustrating. So far I'm getting a feeling of bad user experience from Affinity Photo and I'm really disappointed, but it could be that I just need to get used to a new software. :-S I'm not going to attach a sample image, but what I want to do is very simple. All I want is to export an Affinity Photo file that's about 300 in resolution into a jpeg at 72 of resolution and a size that's suitable to view on the Internet (roughly 500 to 600 px). The most important is that I want a clear image, so I've been keeping it as a "Best Quality" jpeg. Thanks for your help!
  10. But it wasn't a problem when I used Photoshop and Pixelmator, I didn't have to study boring technicalities to make a jpeg export. Thanks for your help though, I'll take a look at the articles.
  11. So if I uncheck resampling the image is clearer but for some reason I can't change the size of the image? I put in the dimensions I would like, then once I uncheck Resampling it deletes the dimensions I just entered??? Not only that, the dimensions are blocked and I cannot change them again. What's up with that?
  12. Jhoude

    Defective Zoom Tool

    Chris B - Pixelmator worked fine except that sometimes it would delete all the information on the layer I used for coloring... I told them about this issue and they couldn't help me, they said it had never happened to anyone else. :-S The idea of losing hours of work was scary, that's when I decided to buy Affinity instead. My boyfriend figured out that the solution might be to use points instead of pixels, seems to work well so far. MEB - I use a MacBook Pro, no external monitor.
  13. I tried all the resampling methods and the best one was Lanczos 3 (separable), but all of them made the image a little blurry... even at a high resolution. What's going on? Why is it so complicated to export a file as a jpeg without making it blurry? Thanks for all the links lenmerkel
  14. Do you think Bicubic is the best option? I always do downsampling and nothing special about the image, except that it's a drawing not a picture. Thanks for the explanation. :-)
  15. Jhoude

    Defective Zoom Tool

    Thank you Chris! It does seem to be due to the same problem, I just started using a new computer so this makes sense. It wasn't an issue with my old computer. I do have Pixelmator but this is going to be hugely inconvenient since I want to know how an image will appear online and have a size that will make the image look its best...