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    jmwellborn got a reaction from Jerald James Capao in Multiple LUT uploads   
    And if I remember correctly, when another person asked this question a few days ago, the response was that a) you have to load each one separately, and b) you will get the spinning beach ball for a very long time when you open the app, because it will be working away to load those 2,000 LUTs.  I believe the recommendation was to load a few of your favorites.
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    jmwellborn reacted to Martin N in show text ruler   
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    jmwellborn reacted to MickRose in Cannot enter text   
    Hi John - you're welcome. That's part of what these forums are about I think - mutual help. We're all on a learning curve.
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    jmwellborn reacted to Leigh in Cat images   
    I agree with what Alfred states above but I would suggest you stick to creating one cat drawing at a time before moving onto the next one. Other users have given you great advice on how to recreate the images you've attached to your posts but only practice will make your drawings better and will allow you to get more familiar with the app and its features.
    Do you have a deadline to meet? If not, why the rush? Just concentrate on one drawing until it's Purr-fect
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    jmwellborn got a reaction from etiennepisano2862 in Van Gogh's colour palette   
    Really nice!  Thank you so much.
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    jmwellborn reacted to carl123 in .afdesigner file I made a week ago won't open   
    Hi @ClareFree
    It looks like you might have opened and saved the Lion doodle.afdesign in Photo 1.7.2 at some point which means it will no longer be accessible in earlier versions of Designer.
    You would need to upgrade to Designer 1.7.2 (or 1.7.1 if still available) to regain access to that particular document in Designer
    It would be best to export any custom brushes, assets, etc before upgrading as bad things can and do happen
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    jmwellborn reacted to R C-R in The Healing Brush Tool   
    Actually, like all the other brush tools, you can use any brush in the Brushes panel with the Inpainting Brush Tool. For example, try using it with one of the Drawing or Painting category brushes, or with any of the DAUB brushes if you have them.
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    jmwellborn reacted to R C-R in The Healing Brush Tool   
    Have you also found "Customize Tools..." on the View menu? Using that option you can rearrange the order of tools in the Tools panel, add individual icons for those shared with other tools, change the number of columns, & even add separators.
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    jmwellborn reacted to Tak in StudioLink - Not working with Affinity Designer, ok with Affinity Photo   
    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    If it works with the purchased version, it is all good. It is a very nice feature to have.
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    jmwellborn reacted to carl123 in Affinity Designer Brushes have disappeared   
    Sorry Alfred, but you just totally failed the PC Support recruitment interview.
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    jmwellborn reacted to Swat in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone,
    my name is Swat, I live in Czech Republic and I am new to Affinity.
    I worked as a freelance programmer and computer technician, now I'm retired.
    I like photography and 3D printing and maybe 1000 other things
    I look forward to learning how to use Affinity Designer, and I hope to find more ideas on this forum.
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    jmwellborn reacted to TJH Art Studio in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello everyone. My name is Thomas Herring and I live in Portland, Oregon or as it's called, the Great North West. I'm 62 and have been doing various forms of art since I was a little kid. I still do acrylic and oil painting and have done airbrush art. I have decided to learn digital art because that was the way to go.  Like a lot of you, I started with Adobe and when the company started making it possible to make monthly payments, I thought it was a great idea. Then I realized the payments would never end and also I only used three or four programs. To me, it was like buying the cable for 60 channels and only using four. What a waste of money and now, they don't work on old computers. My MacBook is 2008. I can't afford a new one. So when I found out about Affinity, by accident on a Youtube channel, I decided to check out your product. 
    This was the right place. My 10.9.5 software can still run Affinity Designer. The price is amazing so now I can practice using it and later Photo and Publisher to make new art. Thank you for looking out for the artists and I hope this will be a wonderful long relationship between us and your company. 
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    jmwellborn reacted to 1earJim in Introduce Yourself   
    My name is Jim and I have one deaf ear, thus the name 1earJim. I am a 77 year old consulting environmental/civil engineer with about over 50 year experience and I have had the opportunity to work all over the US and in several overseas assignments.
    I have MS, which has confined me to a wheelchair and the discovery of Affinity Photo and Designer has been a godsend. Learning Photoshop and Illustrator has been a long held dream that has never made it to the top of my to do list. Adobe's cost and subscription business model has keep this dream out of reach . Affinity Photo, which I have had for about two months, has rekindled this dream.  Fortunately, I have my old HP 420 workstation with its three monitors that is left over from my consulting engineering firm. I am actively working on developing these new flower images and have complete nearly 50 images with Affinity Photo. 
    My new hobby now is to take flower photos with my iPhone from my wheelchair and use Affinity Photo to turn these images in interesting pictures and a possible future video. This new hobby has given me a new lease on life, a reason to learn something new and to getup in the morning. This community has already help me solve one problem. I hope to gain enough knowledge to be able to help others as this community has helped me.
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    jmwellborn reacted to Heriberto Reinoso Gallegos in a Book in Affinity Publisher   
    Ok, here are some screenshots but it's in Spanish and not of the interest of everybody -actually for some artists in Cuba only I think- 

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Look Around, See The Beauty!

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    jmwellborn reacted to EdK in Affinity Photo User Guide Part 1, Workspace & UI   
    Thanks for the suggestions. Greatly appreciated!
    Walt was correct re. win vs mac for Preferences. I'll make that clearer.
    I agree re. moving 18-19 before 12-13.
    I agree (half-way) on 22-25. I think moving 22-23 after 6-7 works. I'll leave 24-25 as is since it makes references to topics that come later in Part 1.
    Again, thanks a million for your time & help.
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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Bike Out Of Bounds!

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Black cat in road.

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    Animal Magic!

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    Lost biker!

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Split personality.

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Lighthouse Revisited.

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Slightly light-house!

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    jmwellborn reacted to markbowen in MB Photomanipulations   
    Road Swimmer.

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    jmwellborn got a reaction from Alfred in Skew/Transform Text..   
    . . . .   And it is only Thursday . . .