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  1. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Hi Nick What is happening with this fix. I have been without any photo editor for a week and its not good. If you can't fix it then can you tell me how I can re install an older stable version please. Kilo
  2. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Hi Nick If it helps I just rename files by adding XX into the name ie macrosxx.propcol and WindowProfilexx.xml Kilo
  3. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Hi Nick Did you see my final comment yesterday that it was now crashing once running (swapping between color and brushes). I had attached the new crash reports on previous post. Are you looking into this? Thanks Kilo
  4. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Spoke too soon :'( Crashing when swapping from color palette to brushes see attached reports d33d4660-891d-4776-9d87-da77ccd70454.dmp 5b416afc-3eff-49be-ad12-6c0b68f54c3b.dmp
  5. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Your fix worked YeeHaa! Thanks
  6. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    I attach 1.0 zipped and a screenshot of update history ... but its lying because it definitely went through a whopper yesterday 1.0.zip
  7. kilotank

    Photo Crashing on startup

    Please find 4 tiles attached. Thanks Kilo c4b3e0a7-305e-4a24-94bb-b6a392092abb.dmp 3f92b8ed-8a3f-4aaa-a9ed-ef3a07f9c55e.dmp 13829bef-3fc1-4a13-bd30-04cdb6e85da8.dmp 293655f2-af8b-4dc5-b06a-fe2ecc2ffb58.dmp
  8. Hi. I have been running AP successfully since released but last night had a forced windows 10 update and now it wont launch. It gets to the splash screen, has a think and then displays and UnHandledException error. 3f92b8ed-8a3f-4aaa-a9ed-ef3a07f9c55e Is there a way to roll back to a stable version as I cannot work currently. Thanks Kilo