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  1. @Richard HHi,

    Are you sure you installed this version of your graphics card?


    Because when you look at the nividia log of this card it had al sorts of issues in the past, to name a couple:

    Fixed Issues in Version 515 U1

    • [Adobe Premiere Pro]: NVIDIA Image Sharpening stranded in stale state
    • [Dassault]: Invalid format error when DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM_SRGB is used with DX/OGL interop
    • [Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE] VK/OGL interop crash with dedicated memory allocation
    • [Maxon Cinema4D][Redshift][Adobe Photoshop]: Redshift crashes Cinema4D on material thumbnail generation when system resources are used by Photoshop


  2. Hi @kjd,

    A email design is like a primitive HTML webpage and can't be made in Publisher.

    What you can do in Mailchimp is use a template from Mailchimp in the free version or import your own HTML design in the paid Mailchimp version that is designed in a text editor like VScode Free:


    Or Sublime Text Paid, but endless Free demo:


    There are open source frameworks like this:


    The same people also make commercial email frameworks with support, like here (a small investment for years of mails!) that can be edited in the paid Mailchimp account:


    Good luck!


  3. Hi,

    I think you can compare Affinity Designer more to Illustrator then to the above mentioned apps. When I need Sketch I have it here, but hardly use it anymore. Most of the time I use Affinity Designer and HTML Prototyping with for example Bootstrap 5. Saves a lot of extra steps and the UI with customisation can be tested right away in a application or website.




  4. Hi,

    Test site:


    HTML validation errors:


    Created a Greensok animation with a SVG I created in Affinity Designer. Errors are caused by the multiple identical ID's Affinity Designer put's in

    <g id="L1" serif:id="L">

     and a 

    !DOCTYPE svg

     (that I already removed). This happens in all export settings and with the fonts as curves or real fonts.

    Anyone found  a workaround?



  5. 1 hour ago, LondonSquirrel said:

    But it is apparent that 97% of internet sites, including very big sites, gets by without it.

    3% of what that is the question! 3% of  1,179,448,021 websites world wide =  35383440.63 websites using webp

    Still think that's not much? There are many big sites using it to name a couple of the biggest multi nationals in the world:



  6. @LondonSquirrel


    While the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web (1,179,448,021 according to Netcraft’s October 2021 Web Server Survey compared to 1,197,982,359 in January 2021).

    So 3% is enough to have a enormous amount of websites using it!

    We use it in every website we make! And don't forget all web image cloud services use webp and I use it in web applications too.

    But if you don't want to use it, why do you care to put your energy in posts to show webp is not used?😉

  7. 21 minutes ago, Artistkw3d said:

    but we need in affinity not another app!

    Before drawing quick conclusions, this app works "in" the whole Affinity Suite. (You get a RTL button on top of the Affinity menu). But of course when you prefer to wait for an other couple of years be my guest. I'm a Affinity users like you and waiting for a simple webp conversion in Affinity for years! But for the time being I use a other app for webp conversion!

    And your opensource example doesn't look as advanced as this one. RTL fixer adds RTL functionality to the Affinity apps and it cost peanuts.


    Hi @alexkoch  Alex,

    Your example with the construction building image shows that you don't understand how it works.😉!

    The easiest way to accomplish what you want is making pre-sets for all art directions (in my example (header portrait for phone) (header wide for all other devices even phone landscape mode). In this case it's ment to be used for a header. When you look on top of the exports panel there is even a copy paste function, so you can create one size with the name and then change the size and/or the text. I agree the missing webp is a real pity!!!

    What I do in the pre-sets with the naming is for example header-contact-4-3-1200px, header-contact-4-3-800px, header-contact-4-3-500px then I make a folder named contact-header that contains a folder webp and jpg. That way you can use the pre-sets for every header you make in the future without specific naming. And placing the link names in the website becomes more easy, for example in Sublime Text you can multi select the names that have to be changed and the rest of the link name stays the same.

    You have to be sure to crop the exact pixel ratio before going to the export mode! There is no cropping necessary in the export mode!  Like said you only crop one image for every art direction before going to the export persona. In my example 2 images.












  9. On 11/6/2021 at 8:09 PM, v_kyr said:
      On 11/6/2021 at 7:34 PM, Alfred said:

    The Atom text editor is ideal for use with Pinegrow.



    Pinegrow works perfect with VS code too (there is a VS code plugin for syncing with Pinegrow) I personally use Sublime Text 4, but always have  VS code as fall back in case I have issues with Sublime text. I must say that VS code is not so slow anymore as in the past. Pinegrow is used in our studio for the Interaction Greensock animator that is available as a plugin. But when your used to Dreamweaver, Pinegrow is a good substitute with many possibilities and enthousiast developers that surprise me every couple of months with new feature updates.


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