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  1. Sirromz, is featuring a set of totorial videos, called Solid Foundations. I upgraded to Affinity Photo from Paintshop Pro. After working through this course of videos you will understand this program and you will be able to work it properly. I saved all videos on my hard drive, with a number in front of the name and with the example files with the same number. Now I can go back should I need it. You will never look back. The course is giving you a solid foundation in logical order and shows how the interface is working. You practice as you go along.
  2. I made a very nice discovery. Createspace every time flagged me abou transparency when I submitted my book covers as a complete, ready to print, pdf image. Then I made the discovery that when you export to pdf, the pdf is also keeping everything in layers. Very interesting.
  3. I started yesterday after I did not switch on my laptop for a few days. I am on leave. The beta flagged me that their is an update, and there were also an update for 1.6.2. They had the same number, so I only updated the full retail version. It worked flawlessly on what I was doing. I am very happy. The beta app ( is not opening pdf images perfectly. The words are sometimes over the images. I just want to play with this some more. I don't go back to Paintshop Pro anymore. I learned AP in three months and this was the best move ever. I am so happy with this software.
  4. I have exported images to png, from which I have removed the backgrounds. After export the png had a white background. I could only save in affinity native format to keep transparacy and I could only copy to anothe image with native format. Png just make all transparacies white.
  5. I have exported two book cover that are made up of several layers. On the titles and the authors layers, which only contained text, I addes an fx effect of 3D. When I exported it to psd format, the ability to remove the fx or adjust it disappeared, as the fx is no longer visibke next to the layer title. The 3D effect remained. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way?
  6. I purchased the plugin, Launchbox, from for $24.00.It works perfectly in Affinity Photo and PSP 64bit. With it you can run 32bit plugins perfectly.
  7. I have tried the trial version, but Alienskin Eyecandy dit not run correctly and therefore I uninstalled. I have tried Alpha Launchbox, which costs $24.00. It works and it executed eyecandy 7 perfectly in affinity photo, and also in PSP 2018. At last I can now use Affinity Photo, without having to go into another program.
  8. I have installed the Alpha Plugin Launchbox and it is working in Affinity Photo. Eyecandy 7 works. Plugin Bridge could not get eyecandy to work.
  9. I am going to try this out. This one is half the price of Pluggin Bridge. You have tested it out. The other one is still a claim in my eyes.
  10. I have just browsed through my habitual list of forums for my various sofware I am using and on the Paintshop Pro forum, I came upon a topic of mediachange 32bit plugin that does not yet have a 64 bit version. The guy also referred to mediachange's Pluginbridge that can run 32bit plugins in 64 bit Photoshop, Corel Paint and Yes, Affinity Photo. See: Is there anybody using it in Affinity Photo? I am now very curious.
  11. Eyecandy is noty working anymore
  12. If you stand on the Colour picker as indicater in your quoted pic, go right, just before the x that closes that sub window, there is a drop down menu. Inside you get four different optiopns to choose colour, Wheel, sliders, boxes and Tint.
  13. All of a sudden the Alienskin eyecandy 7 crashes AP when you click to apply. Have no idea what can be wrong.
  14. There is a long shinner option as well if I remember correctly.