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  1. I am at work now. Wil do so as soon as possible. I have installed it to the default location for photoshop.
  2. I just linked to it from AP and it worked. I bought it recently to aid in my book cover designs in Paintshop pro, and then I discovered AP. Bought it and never looked back.
  3. I would like to have a future version of Affinity Photo to have the option that you can copy a clip from the clipboard to Affinity Photo as a new image. If I use a screengrab utility, I want to copy to AP a in one step and want to save as. I don't want to copy to an existing image or layer only. Currintly I do not have the option to paste if nothing is open in AP. I want to do it. I want to completely switch over to AP from PSP, but I can't. AP can also be used for purpises other than photo manipulation, for example my book covers design or web page graphics.
  4. Yes, the list is outdated for version 1.6.1. Alienskin Eye Candy 7 is working perfectly. The free Redfield plugins are not working at all. Tbey show up in the menu, but do nothing. I have seen Flamingpear's Super Blade Pro working on a friend's copy of AP.
  5. I have loaded the following plugins successfuly and they are appearing in the menu: Alienskin Eye Candy 7, Nik Collection and Lokas 3D shadow. They all are working. I have loadeed Redfield face control and Sharplet. They are appearing in the menu, but they are not making a thing. I want to know about Redfield iEboss and Flaming Pear Super Blade Pro before I buy them.