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  1. I managed to solve the problem. I reinstalled. working now as required.
  2. Affinity Photo is super super slow after updated to 1.91. I am going back to 1.9. I will first wait a day or two to make shure it is not a memory glitch. My laptop is relative fast.
  3. Problem solved. I went to effects and just moved the slider of 3D, the radius slider and save the image. I just deleted the style and saved it again. It is then displaing the icon correctly.
  4. MEB, I have uploaded the psd file. I have opened the file in AP and in the layers panel, I have chosen Orange to save as a style. I renamed the preset as Peach. The name is there, but no preview image. It however works like a charm. I would like to save the other colours as well.
  5. I have loaded a psd file of a gel text in Affinity Photo Desktop 1.7.2. I have saved the style and got a blank icon. There is not the usual gear with colour. I have renamed it to recognise it again. So I see the name in styles, but there is no image. When I apply it, it works perfectly and do what I want. Is there a way to manually load an icon on somewhere to rectify the problem? The styles I previously saved as such, display an icon.
  6. I am a user of ViaCAD 11 Pro as well as the Affinity trio. I always get the display message that Via CAD has reverted to Windows 7 basic colour scheme when I stat Via CAD. Affinity Photo and the beta refuse to start while ViaCad is open. It prompts me that Windows Aero is needed. I have no idea what it is. So now, i have to use some other program when I am working with ViaCad to save the captured screenshots.
  7. Yes, I include the url for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDZONrrCh64 I only want to draw cut lines for printing to the correct size on an ordinary A4 paper printer.
  8. I am new to Affinity Designer. I just managed to get to work comfortly with Affinity Photo on PC. I have it since November. The Photo for iPad, I purchased about six weeks ago (when I purchased an iPad) and I manage. It is not so much different if you know Android. However, it was a learning process the learn how iOs operates. I purchased the iPad Designer a few days ago and I am trying to get my feet wet. I recently watched a video from Ian Atkinson, using Adobe Illustrate, where he place a camera photo (of a knife) on a document. He measured the length of the knife and
  9. I will play with all the info I got. Thank you guys.
  10. With the flip command, all layers flipped. I will try again.
  11. I have no idea how it works. On grounds of you guys, I just bought it. Only the iPad version. I have Photo for PC and iPad, and if it is half as good as I expext, I know it wil works wonders.
  12. I noticed that if I make a selection or if I select a layer, everything reacts to a flip command. Is it possible to flip something selected and not everything.
  13. In the PC desktop version of Affinity Photo I can customize the left hand side by choosing which buttons appear and which not. Can it be done in Affinity Photo for iPad? Alternatively, can a script be recorded and a button added to it interactively and moved to the left side?
  14. I am mostly using Affinity Photo, although I have Photoshop CS6 and Paintshop Pro 2018. I export my affinity photos to Jpg for my web page. I am an author and post my book cover pages. I only get a little larger size if I prefer the size to be big. The quality is exceptional. I can define dpi as well. I can assure you Affinity Photo do not have to back down for other apps.
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