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  1. Excuse the duplicate topic, I've only found one thread with no recent activity. I'm having a problem loading .abr files into Affinity on my ipad pro. I've tried multiple brushes from different authors and I get (usually) the same results. The textures, more often than not, load and display at about the top third of the texture window, the rest is black. This results in the brush only being useable in the top portion of the canvas...anything below it paints a solid with no texture. I've snooped around and tried to find a fix to no success. Has anybody ran into this problem? I feel like it might be a problem translating from a pattern based texture in photoshop (but still wrapped in an ABR file) to Affinity needing a full texture image. Any thoughts would be awesome. Using an iPad Pro 10.5" with the latest ios 11 update as of Nov 27, 2017 Thanks, Kyle
  2. highrise

    Crashing almost instantly

    Same problem here. I open AP, and open any project or image. If i make one change to the open project and try to go back to save or close file, crash. Can’t get around it. Would love an update or help. Ipad 10.5” ios 11.2.1
  3. highrise

    ABR files loading textures wrong

    My man Gareth coming through with some back up!

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