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  1. RiTZ0

    Pic Look terrible in aff photo

    Hey every one , i make some other photos but get the same problem :-/ No one has an idea ?!
  2. RiTZ0

    Pic Look terrible in aff photo

    oh sorry, now the raw file is uploaded :-)
  3. RiTZ0

    Pic Look terrible in aff photo

    The raw file is uploaded :-)
  4. Hey, sorry for my bad english :-) when i load a pic in aff Photo there is a area that Looks terrible. In the iOS Photo App , Adobe Bridge (mac) and Photoshop cc (Mac) everything is Fine but in aff Photo i got. this area in every pic from this shoot. Have everyone an idea what could i do?! i Shot the pic with an Canon 5D and im working on the iPad Pro 12" 2015

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