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  1. The CR2 file is 24.5MB, over the max single file size. I looked through my photos, and all of the CR2 files are over 20MB. I tried to upload a DNG file that was under 20MB, and received an error message saying "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file. I can send you some CR2 files via dropbox, if that will help. Thanks again!
  2. Here is a screenshot of one example. The left is the file, opened in Affinity Photo (unedited). The right is the unedited raw file. I can provide more examples if it will help. Thanks!
  3. With JPG files, I have had great results using this software. After trying different types of photos and exposures, I am still having a hard time with the auto correction that happens when I bring in raw files. For example, the skies become a very bright cyan, and the photos are heavily sharpened with very high contrast. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the overall great software!
  4. Hello, all. My name is Chris. I stumbled upon Affinity photo while reading an online photography magazine. I have worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years, and photo enthusiast. I have used Adobe products for the duration of my career, but am unhappy with their new subscription-based service. I have been working with Affinity Photo beta for about two weeks now, mostly for editing raw images. I have done tests, editing a photo in both Photoshop and Affinity Photo, and have been happy with the results. Very comparable final edits. So far I am very impressed and look forward to future developments in the software.
  5. When opening CR2 RAW files from my Canon Rebel TSi, the the exposure is dramatically altered. The photos are much darker once pulled into Affinity. Photos that are overexposed look extremely underexposed once opened. Does Affinity do automatic editing when opening files? And if so, is there a way to opt out of that feature? I have attached a screenshot as an example. The original is on the right and the file opened in Affinity Photo is on the left. Any help would be appreciated!
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