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  1. Hi, thanks a lot. Windows username and folder names seem to be regular. Files do have exif-data (Canon 70D & 700D, Panasonic G81). I Think I buy me a license and give it a try. Thanks for the hint about brush size !!! I didn't find it in programs Help topics.
  2. Hello, great tool. I've got AP trial (version The EFIF-Tab shows "n/a" at all entries after opening any file. So with jpegs and raws of different cameras (canon & panasonic). Starting the app as admin doesn't help. Exeption rule on the anti virus tool doesn't help. Installing program in a different folder on d:\ doesn't help. I know inbetween that it concerns the tool exiftool.exe in the resources folder. Couldn't find more help or topics. Addidtional: I work with photoshop (elements for private use and CC in job). May I add a wish for the developers to copy a helpful workflow from photoshop: Increase / decrease brush size by moving mouse left/right while pressing ALT and right mousebutton. Also increase / decrease brush hardness by moving mouse up/down while pressing ALT and right mousebutton. Meaning all types of brushes such as clone brush, paint brush, dodge brush and so on. Certainly a huge wish, but would be definitively an immense help. Collegues always applause, when I show them this trick on photoshop. (Should I create a separate content for this?) Sorry about my english. It's not my first language. Greetings... Juergen.