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  1. doubt it as I'm experiencing the same in Photo - I open a photo, start tracing with the pen tool but after a while the app crashes.
  2. Could we perhaps get a customizable keybind for this feature? Would be lovely as I think it may be used more than the snapping bind, for me at least. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, I updated today to the newest version but the issue persists. Any help? tried swapping between graphic cards in preferences have reset settings as suggested before (holding down CTRL at launch) with both screens active
  4. Sure, take your time. I'll wait for a stable version since we're in production and can't afford to have hiccups right now. Not using a second screen is not so convenient but will do for the time being. Thank you for being awesome and keep up the great work!
  5. Heya, sorry to bump this, but any ETA for the update? The bug is really annoying. Also I noticed a colleague of mine using the same setup doesn't have the bug while I do. We have identical machines, screens and software versions.
  6. If I may, from my experience as a long time Linux user who went back to Windows because of scarcity of design software available for the platform, I don't mean to be rude or anything but from what I observed the main problem of Linux could be Linux users themselves as there are too many conservatives who would not allow proprietary code on their system. That's what I see as the main issue. Aside from that everyone knows that Linux is much more robust, stable and secure than Windows or Mac but also less marketed than both which is why most companies cater to mainstream platforms to generate revenue. It's true, that Linux powers governments, banks, schools and many other important institutions. Your websites run on it, your servers run on it, your phones use the Linux kernel, ATM contains software developed on Linux and I could go on, but again, the main problem I see is the Linux community itself. Mac is a closed platform, period. Windows same, which is why it's easier to target them. The way I see it there are only 3 options: get a Mac run WINE, PlayOnLinux or a virtual machine with Windows dual boot with Windows where you do your work on Windows and general computing for security and privacy on Linux
  7. Agreed. Also allowing to select multiple by either CTRL + click or drag with the mouse to create a selection would be super helpful.
  8. Hi MEB, thank you for your assistance, it's greatly appreciated. I did the following as per instructions: switched to display only built-in screen of the laptop closed Affinity Designer disconnected the second screen re-opened Affinity Designer on the laptop screen only used the Adjustments option in the layers panel Adjustments have shown the pop-up now
  9. Heya and thanks! I'm using an external Dell U2715H screen. I've tried to shift the Affinity window to either, tried rebooting my laptop or shutting down the app several times, also tried to just close and open the file, nothing.
  10. Hi guys, I was working on an image I cropped a bit, then I wanted to apply an adjustment (any) to it, what happens is that the adjustment layer is added but due to no pop-up it cannot be modified. I'm running Affinity Designer v1.6.1.93 Any ideas?
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