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  1. Many thanks - I hoped that there was a simple fix.
  2. It would be handy to be able to move (or make) a text box in the blank area outside the page space and then work with the content. I often do this in other DTP software (especially PagePlus, of cherished memory): it is very useful to be able to experiment with content off the page and then use this to replace/supplement what is on the page. In Affinity Publisher, if I make/move a text box on the blank area outside the page, the box outline shows but content is invisible; selecting the invisible content with ctrl-A shows a blanked text area but not the content itself. I have tried changing the background colour to white, but this makes no difference to text visibility (as I drag a textbox outside the page edge, the content progressively disappears). Can anyone tell me how to do this? Alternatively, can this facility be added in a later release? Thanks. Bart.
  3. For some reason, the layers panel is now showing only one layer at a time. In Aff Photo, all the layers are available for view by dragging down the bottom edge of the layers panel but this facility is not present in Publisher on my computer (Windows 10, version 1809 - version 1903 is still broken...). I can reach the layers one at a time by using the scroll arrows but I would like to be able to view all layers at the same time, as in Photo. I think that this facility was available previously but I am open to correction. Am I overlooking something or does this need fixing? Thanks. Bart
  4. Hugh - thanks for this but I am running Windows 10...
  5. Hilltop - thanks: I assure you that I am not being in any sense adversarial in my comments. I accepted a long time ago that there would be no import filter for PagePlus. If I am trying to suggest anything it is that Plan A for importing (using the PDF import engine) still needs some work - though I appreciate that it may be impossible to make it 100% responsive to every nuance in a source file. I am enjoying Publisher and readily accept your outline of its virtues. Alfred - thanks for the link. I could perhaps have chosen my words more carefully: what I intended to say is that PagePlus is no longer being updated (to the best of my knowledge). Thanks too for the note re shortcuts: I will explore the possibilities.
  6. I am editing the calendar in PagePlus However, I am exploring ways of moving my PagePlus work into Publisher since PagePlus is no longer supported (to my sorrow...): it seems like a good idea to become independent of PagePlus if possible. This is also a way in which I can test Publisher - as a largely silent member of the Beta program, I know that it is still a work in progress and that raising issues about the way that Publisher handles PagePlus files may be helpful: for example, I am currently moving Church newsletter files from PagePlus to Publisher - an instructive process: often rewarding but sometimes frustrating. I sense that Publisher developers find the PagePlus user-base inconvenient... However, there are plenty of people like myself who have used PagePlus ever since it blinked into being and who want to be able to get PagePlus files to work properly in Publisher. By the way, the PagePlus shortcut for toggling guides and margins on and off is ctrl-backslash - a lot simpler than the Publisher shortcut (ctrl-alt-w). Bart
  7. Thanks for the various replies. Using the tables option to create a calendar is one way forward but the great advantage of the pre-existing template is that it removes the need for messing around to create every date for a given calendar year - I can just pick a year and a month and the whole caboodle is presented to me, correctly dated, as an editable entity. I like my software to do the heavy lifting for me... The calendars I mentioned originally are my edited entities derived from a template (one month at a time for several consecutive years) - I have not actually tried outputting an unpopulated template as a PDF to see if that gives me an editable result (I will try this). When I populate calendars with information, there are colour-coded cells as well as text - I think that it is the detailed modification of the cells that is likely to present the problems when the PagePlus file is converted to a PDF: I think that the conversion procedure (whether from PagePlus or in Publisher) does not recognise the kinds of detail involved - that coloured cells with no text should still be text boxes (the dates themselves are correctly presented as editable text boxes - it is the empty part of each cell that is being mis-identified). I could, I suppose, expand each date text box to fill the cell and, thereby, gain the capacity to enter text - but this is a time-consuming kludge. I will generate a version of one of my calendars with the textual content removed but with the colour-coding present and will test this again. If - as I expect - this produces the same problem, I will send the file to you as an attachment. All ideas gratefully received.
  8. I have made calendars (for years) in PagePlus. This morning, I have been trying to generate an editable version of these in Affinity Publisher - with not much luck. Having output the PagePlus file as a pdf, I use the normal Affinity import filter for PDFs to get the file into Publisher - I tried it with both 'favouring editability' and 'favouring fidelity'. However, having detected the metrics and colours perfectly it does not then define the cells as editable (text entry is not possible except for the individual text boxes containing pre-existing text such as dates). Oddly enough, a few empty cells offer the facility (on a right click) to convert the space to a text box but most cells are not individually selectable at all. Remembering an Affinity Forum suggestion that one could try copy and paste, I did this but received only paste options for picture formats. I have managed to get obviously text-based files from PagePlus into Affinity Publisher (it is a rigmarole - largely to do with some aspects of text being dumped as curves, each on a separate layer - but it is possible with patience...). However, not being able to import calendars in editable format is a real pain. 1 - Are there any solutions for this? And 2 - will Publisher be providing templates for calendar documents in the future? Thanks. Bart
  9. I have installed two updates (Windows 10) since the original installation of Affinity. I note that, after installing the update, the earlier downloaded files are left in the folder where I place my downloads. Having updated to, is it OK if I delete program downloads for earlier versions of Affinity? There is already getting on for 1 GB of data in this folder, and I would sooner recover the space if earlier installation files can be deleted. Thanks. Bart.