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  1. Hello, in Affinity Photo there is an automatic lens correction developing raw files. But I am using a lens converter (Commlite and Sigma MC-11) to use Canon lenses with my Alpha A7RII. In this case there is no entry whithin the exif data that can be interprated automatically. In Photoshop and ACR I am able to select the special lens profile manually and thus the raw file will be corrected as desired. Is there any possibility in Affinity Photo to correct my lenses with an profile without an automatical manner? If not, this will be an required feature. Thx, Thomas
  2. In the previous beta release the distort filter perspective was very good as well as in the current final version But in this current beta this filter absolutely do not work. This is very strange. Why very well implemented features are destroyed in upcoming versions???
  3. Thx for the beta. But this is not the lated codebase, isnt it? I have seen very interesting improvements in raw converter especially on shadows and lights shown with Mac Beta 1.6.7. But in this beta for windows there is no change or improvement. When this feature will be available for windows?
  4. Yes. The Raw Converter was improved in Mac beta version 1.6.7, especially shadows and lights. I wanted to try this improvement on Windows. So I am waiting for the beta with the same code and feature. but the does not contain this new feature. I have read that the will do so. But I can not find this new beta until now.
  5. When is the beta version with engine 1.6.7 available? For Mac this is the current beta version.
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