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  1. Hi, I've been having the same problem and have been told that there is a bug. A similar problem is now happening when having been developed. The image in explorer is as I expect, load it in Affinity and it has the appearance of being many stops over exposed, although the settings on the curves for example, remain as previously set. It is also occuring when the Affinity window is moved on the monitor. As I mentioned in a general enquiry question a couple of weeks ago, this is a new event and one that is very frustrating especially as I've been using Affinity since day one. Perhaps in the next update this bug can be fixed. Cheers, Martin.
  2. Hi and thanks for replying. You've asked if I can up-load the second image raw file. I do so, but must point out that the image is the same image for both the previous images - in other words #1 is before I moved the window and #2 is the same image but after I moved the window and before any processing went on. If, as has been suggested, there is bug then perhaps the only alternative is to download the beta and try that, although past experience with other beta programs (not Affinity) has led me to be very cautious about doing so. If it is a bug, perhaps a patch might be the answer or, I re-download the program again. Oddly, this is something that has only come to light this week and I would have thought that if it were a bug it might have shown up far earlier in this edition. Again, any thoughts would be most welcome. Kind regards, Martin. P5170328.ORF
  3. Hi. Thanks for replying. The 0.73 is what I had adjusted to. However, this is now getting really weird. I've just noticed that if I'm in develop persona and move the position of the window, when I release the mouse the image alters in appearance, although I've not actually got as far as doing anything. The two examples I've attached show what I mean. Now I have no idea if the problem lies within the Affinity program or if it's something going on with the hardware. I should add that it only happens when I'm in develop persona. Once I've developed and readjusted everything, it stays exactly the same. I really need to get this sorted because I shoot in RAW (Olympus) and the program runs on Windows 64 pro. If you or anyone can assist I'd be very grateful as this is driving me nuts and slowing up my work. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Martin
  4. Hi. I'm having an odd problem that I've not encountered before. When I process in Develop persona and it moves to Photo persona, I get an increase in exposure value as if I'd set the level in develop deliberately high. I've attached a couple of screen shots to show what I mean. Has anyone else encountered this problem, which is annoying to say the least and has only just started? Does anyone have any idea how to correct the problem? Thanks a lot. Best regards, Martin.
  5. Many thanks for the suggestions and sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I will most certainly check out the preview pane and see if that makes a difference. Once gain, many thanks for the advise.
  6. Hi. I am having an annoying problem, which I've only encountered fairly recently and it's driving me nuts! I can open a picture - say in RAW - develop it, work on it, save it as a "save as" file and close it. When I reopen it, I get a "read only" notification in the top bar. I have to say that it doesn't happen every time but it has just happened with a file, which I had developed and did nothing else with before closing it. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I have all the correct permissions set in properties so I just don't understand why what is going on. I am running on Windows 10 Pro. Any advise would be most appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Hi. Thanks for the response. The files are being saved to my secondary internal drive. It has just happened again. I opened the file, did an alteration, saved it with no problem, made a further adjustment and it would only save if I "saved as," which apart from being annoying, means I end up with copies of the same image all with slightly different titles. Best regards.
  8. Hi. Has anyone experienced problems with files opening as "Read Only?" I can work on a file, let's say from RAW, do a "save as" and close it. When I re-open it, there have been many occasions when the file opens as read only and I have to do another "save as." I should point out that I've set the security system so that I have no problem with editing and so on. Any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully received. Many thanks. f-stop.
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