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  1. Please incorporate a missing font modal to let the user know the name of the font missing. Another iPad app handles it this way:
  2. Worthy Image

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    Chris, that worked. Thank you. Comment: It is not obvious that before any slices can be exported, a folder has to be created/chosen. Initially can the Export All button - be labled something like Choose Folder and after a folder is chosen or created the button can change back to Export All? or Export? 30B2E62A-F90F-46B2-A515-8B9BFA4AAA76.MOV
  3. Worthy Image

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    I am unable to export slices in 1.6.10. Choosing “Export All” from the slices pallet or trying to export an individual slice, brings me to the Files app with the choice to “Select” or “Select All”. No way for the exporting of slices to continue. C994C1DF-84ED-4385-A1E1-53578EB4433B.MOV
  4. It’s a pretty tedious task of selecting an .eps file when some files do not have an image preview. Can you guys do anything to make selecting such files easier? Even if it is a separate app similar to Adobe Bridge that can display images and search meta data. My apologies if this is not the correct area for such a question. Thank you 7260DD8A-639B-470F-8757-9830CF66E05A.MOV
  5. Worthy Image

    Designer for iPad Pro 2

    Waiting desperately for Designer for iPad. Just saying