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  1. Yep, its a pretty common feature. And as for Sketchbook, it's pretty decent software but the billing is one of the reasons I've moved to Affinity. I actually bought Sketchbook a while back, then they went to a subscription model and told me I had to subscribe... kinda rubbed me the wrong way... Then Adobe actually charged me a penalty to cancel my sub. Affinity is amazing and once i've paid I paid! So guys, add this feature, help me love you more
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I moved it over to the feature request thread. Hopefully it gets some traction. For those that use this program for drawing/painting its a HUGE feature.
  3. Hello, would it be possible to limit input from tools, specifically the brush tool, to only stylus input? That was we could freely place our hands on the screen, pan, zoom, etc. without the fear of making marks. As it is now, whenever I'm drawing or paining, I have to go back and cleanup marks made by my hand. Thanks!
  4. Right but when I want to draw a line with my stylus and the brush tool is selected, my pinky may hit the screen first and make a mark. It looks like this feature is available in the iPad version (only tools can provide input), but I just can't seem to find it on the Windows version. Thanks for your reply Dominik, I didn't realize I was posting in the bug forum!
  5. Hello, don't mean to be a pest, but is there perhaps another support option to get an answer on this? I'm a bit eager to get in and get drawing but the random marks all over is driving me crazy! Thanks
  6. Hello! New user here. I've combed the internet and the preferences and I can't seem to find anything that stops me from drawing lines all over my document with my fingers! I saw something about a "Touch for Gestures Only" option in the tools pane, but I dont see it on mine. Using Win10 on a Surfacebook with the latest version of Affinity Photo. Thanks! Edit: I am aware of the "Disable touch input when pen is in use" Windows option, but that's not stopping me from making marks when I go to zoom and pan with fingers!
  7. Hello, Just purchased and started using Affinity Photo. I've searched everywhere and can not find an option to disable touch as input so I keep making lines all over my drawings. I saw a posting that said there should be a "Touch for Gestures Only" option in the tools preferences, but it is not there on my version of AP(which is current). I am using a SurfaceBook on Windows 10.
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