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  1. More brushes for my lady to choose from - make her life more troublesome and difficult. Thanks for your special Christmas Offer.
  2. Last weekend we had sufficient time and check the stores for the Wacom Tablets. We even had been lucky enough to see a Wacom Presenter so we could try out the different Wacom Tablet there - like the Bamboo, the Intuos and also Intuos Pro. Finally after some trying - we decide as we already did - Intuos Pro Paper L. Even the package is huge and carry that back home was another nice task - my lady was happy with this. Later at home we try out her new "toy" and set it quickly up with only adding an "Undo" Key. First of all she did try Krita (First result below) and on Sunday I install Affinity Designer Trial Version and let her draw some time alone (Water Lily). Of course we need more time for the trying - because in Krita the drawing was only a kind of pixel drawing whereas in Designer we can enlarge it a lot to do some fine tuning. This we haven't done yet - just the first results I do like to share. Thanks a lot for your valuable and good suggestions / tips and ideas here for us. Now we need more time to get used to the 2 programs we try out. Only one feedback she give me that in Designer sometimes she draw something but it not appear on the screen.
  3. Amazing photos - thanks for share them and the result of your work.
  4. Ordered my book on 5th December and it was shipped 11th December to Hong Kong. Have received it just today (assume it even arrive earlier in Hong Kong Office). Looks nice and thanks for quite efficient delivery.
  5. Thanks for your further ideas and update. I assume as due to her work and also the time she need to arrive at my home when we meet (normally not every day) she won't draw too much. She recently make a drawing from the movie UP (Where they lay on the grass watching to the sky) and she want to prepare that for our home. Maybe as said above she will be happy to sit beside me and draw one or maybe 2 drawing a day - not 50. But who knows - when she like and enjoy it she might make more. Who knows then. As I have purchased the Affinity Photo of my iPad she try a small simple drawing there too. Of course due to the size easier then with the phone but still just with the fingers. At least the most important thing is she like it.
  6. Finally she was able to finish reading the long reply from SrPx and last night when we meet we also discuss about this issue one more time. It seems she prefer indeed the Intuos Paper L version after explain her. Because basically she would not take the Tablet work as it is too big (Even the small one) and regardless that the travel time for her work is long - she not always has a seat in the Metro for sit down. The Paper Version is interesting because she can sit anywhere beside me and we can talk and she can draw - she not need to sit in the Computer Room and be alone there in the future. We even might go near our home for a coffee or so and she might be able to take the Board with her for drawing. I have checked that the Finetip Refill pens do cost 15 US$ for 4pcs (so should be like 120 - 150HK$) - I think that this can be still quite acceptable price. As I am aware that any kind of hobby will cost / kill money - no nice hobby is for free indeed. I have also asked her for the 2 above Manga drawing where made at a quite similar time from her. We will during the Christmas Weekend go to a Computer Center in Hong Kong as we have sufficient time then and take a look at the Paper Version L most likely.
  7. Yes this is correct - unluckily. And there is no chance for further improvement for everything from Foreign Websites in China. Intranet is super fast, Internet super slow. Hopefully you are able to try it in the morning time in China.
  8. Hi @Eric Lee It might be depending on the time when you download something in China. I have found out that when you download in the morning time the download rates are much more faster than in the evening. Right now 9:33am I could download Affinity Photo with > 500KB/sec which is in China for a foreign website a good speed. When I download games from GOG.COM in the evening in China - download speed exceed only 100 - 200KB/sec. However the same file in the morning time I can download with 9 MB/sec. So the Great Firewall blocks and throttle all data which is not from the Chinese Intranet. So try in the morning time - best way how I have managed to download huge files here. Furthermore it is quite unluckily but for all the good Video Tutorials for Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer - Vimeo also is blocked and only able to do so via VPN.
  9. @SrPx - thank you very much for your detailed description and additional good ideas. I have already send your detailed reply to my girlfriend - let's see what she think and of course also understand. As already mention above we will and plan to go for the Wacom Intuos Pro M Paper Edition or even the Pro L Paper Edition. For the Here in Hong Kong the price difference is around 125 US$ more for the L version instead of the M. I already read that the M version supports A5 Paper and the L version supports A4 Paper. Of course she has the final decision if prefer A5 or A4. I am just the sponsor for this as I promised to make her old long time hidden dream become true. In this moment I would say that the Cintiq is kind of out of price league in this moment - here as it does cost more than 2000 US$ - but I will still point this out to her too. As I know her she might really prefer the Paper Edition as she can also draw then on the sofa either instead of sitting always in front of the computer. Gonna keep you all up to date and share some results with you in the near future too. No matter if traditional or digital.
  10. Thank you very much for your hints and ideas. After I have explained and show her the different Wacom Tablets she might even prefer the Intuos Pro Paper version. The reason why she prefer this one - well see below the drawings she send to me as a surprise. She made them more than 10 years ago and keep in her Drawing Book which she find last night.
  11. Congratulation for this award. Even I prefer to use only Affinity on the PC - I will also support you and have a copy for my iPad. Luckily still have an iPad Air 2 which can be used. Furthermore look then forward to have Affinity Designer on iPad - hopefully.
  12. Yes that is true. A matter of the price and the needs and comfort. I do read also some people complain for the Intuos Pro that the Tips of the pen are quickly used up as the surface seems quite rough and need another one. I will show my girlfriend the Intuos M (Comic or Art) and Intuos Pro M later with some more information. We might also take a look and have a try too for what she prefer.
  13. @v_kyr - thanks a lot for your additional input you have provided here. I am currently reading about the Intuos Tablet from Wacom - Size M and try to see more about also the accessory and add-on what is available. Of course when see the price difference here in Hong Kong between the Intuos M and Intuos Pro M - let's see if the better one is worth the double price here.
  14. Hello, tonight my girlfriend give me a huge surprise and I am astonished about what she has made with the program Sketches Pro on her iPhone 6S. She draw with her fingers this Crocodile (not the first sketch she has done on her phone). As a new user to Affinity Photo - I thought it should be a good idea to get Affinity Designer for her so she might be able to make better drawings. So I am also thinking to get her a good Tablet beside AF and I have read a lot of posts from @SrPx for Wacom Tablets. I would like to choose a medium sized one but I do find in Amazon a lot of different one and I am not sure which one is really suitable for her. Wacom Intuos 3D or Art or Comic or Draw or Photo. I would say mainly her purpose will be doing some kind of sketches / drawing as below. Of course I might use it also for AP additionally if possible - but the main intention is for her. Thanks for your feedback which is highly appreciated.
  15. @Pšenda yes of course that is right. And to Germany it is only 28 HK$. But till I am again in Germany maybe AF 3.0 already available. So no meaning to send it back to home.
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