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  1. I had to do some stuff to change from the mac store version to the web version including: 1 export all my custom macros 2 export all my custom brushes 3 make a copy of all of the files in the directory ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/user/ 4 Uninstall the mac store version 5 Install the web version. 6 copy the files saved in step 3 to ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Photo/user/ I did this one file at a time, for only the files I knew I had customized. 7 Import brushes and macros 8 Set the plug in permissions in "preferences" Some of this might be redundant, as the library files may contain some of the customizations, but this was the process I followed.
  2. I got the impression from Affinity Photo that they considered this a problem with having the application "sand-boxed" for sale in the Apple Store and they aren't going to fix it. I bought the bullet and bought a copy of Affinity Photo directly from Serif (during their latest sale) and installed that. I took a little work to transfer my customizations but I managed to do that. After doing that, my Topaz plugins, Topaz studio 2 and On1 plugins worked okay. I am not too miffed at having to buy the software over again, because I have been using the sandboxed version since it came out, but I could see that if you just bought it from the Apple Store you would have the right to be upset. The Apple Store version should have a disclaimer indicating that some features won't work properly.
  3. Problem Solved: When I had the Apple Store Version, I also installed On1 which created a directory in the library to store the On1 Plug In files. Apparently, the existence of this directory caused the Affinity Store version to crash as it has the same name, "Affinity Photo." Renaming the On1 "Affinity Photo" directory allowed the program to install. I'm not sure what to do with the On1 plug in files, but that seems to be a small problem.
  4. Mac OS v10.15.7. Additional information: if I re-install the Apple store version from the Apple store, it works fine. I've gone through this cycle about four times, the Affinity store version always crashes before I see anything (except the one time I held the control key down--I got a screen to reset things--but it crashed right after I left that screen).
  5. I just bought Affinity Photo from the Affinity Store for my iMac to replace the apple version, and it crashes before it ever starts. I held down the control key and cleared everything, but it still crashes after that screen goes away. I have never gotten it far enough to put in the product code. I have tried reinstalling it over the Apple store version and removing the Apple store version and then installing it. But it crashes either way.
  6. So this is an admission that these problems are never going to be fixed on your end. Why didn't you just admit that long ago when all this started coming up?
  7. You are luckier than I, I did this as well, but while On1 would load, it wouldn't work properly. Here is the response I got from On1: Hello,We have logged a bug for the problem you are experiencing which appears to be an issue with the Apple App Store version of Affinity.Your support ticket is linked to our open bug ticket..We'll keep you posted with any updates as they become available.Let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks for choosing and using ON1 Software! Tech Support & QA Engineer
  8. I am totally fed up with the continued, undressed problems with the Apple App Store version of Affinity Photo regarding plugins, and am thinking of ditching it and buying the Affinity Store version. Should I do this (although I do find it somewhat galling to have to buy a piece of software twice to address a problem that the developers should have addressed long ago), is there a way to keep all of my customizations?
  9. The new version of On1 Photo Raw 2021, which to my understanding was designed among other things to work as a plugin for Affinity Photo, does not work with the Apple App Store version of Affinity Photo 1.8.4. So just like with the Topaz plugins, app store purchasers are penalized by a substandard version of Affinity Photo. And it not like Affinity Photo hasn't know about the problems with the Apple App Store version of Affinity Photo and plugins, people have been complaining for at least a year! What ever you do, don't buy anything from Serif from the Apple App Store!
  10. Here is a little video of one of the problems I am having... merge_layer.mov
  11. Then you are having a different response than I. I can confirm with another image that if I paint corrections on a blank pixel layer above an image, and try to merge those corrections with the original layer using the "merge selected" setting in the layers drop down, that the correction layer simply disappears. Or at least this happens on my computer which is which is a pretty standard mac.
  12. I sorry, but for some reason, I got no notification of any response. Maybe I don't have the right settings. Anyway, there are two separate issues here, 1 lanczos3 ns leaves artifacts if corrections on separate level and 2, if you use merge selected levels, the correction level will get lost and not be merged with the level beneath. I couldn't make your system accept my upload, so here is a google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sHFnyrxDTgz7toZISklnh9d-YSMQv1lU/view?usp=sharing
  13. Usually, I use the inpainting brush and clone brush on a separate pixel layer for which current layer and below is selected. I noticed when I exported an image on which I had made these corrections, that they could be seen in the export, but not the image when viewed in Affinity Photo. Flattening the image before exporting cures the problem, but this is quite inconvenient. The images are included. Two images of the errors are provided, one with the errors pointed to. Also, when I tried to merge the correction pixel layer with the original base layer, the corrections disappeared altogether, so flattening the document will solve the problem, but merging the two layers will not. Update 3, it appears to be a problem caused by an interaction between the layers and the lanczos 3 (Non Separatable) compression because if I use bicubic, it don't see the artifacts.
  14. I have been working on an image where I want to apply some live filter level sharpening, but when I use the live filter layer, the program freezes (with the little "working" color wheel) so I have to "force quit" the application via its icon along the bottom. When I create the live filter layer, it is a child layer of an adjustment, and then I drag it to the top of the layer stack. When I tried "clarity" nothing happened, but when I clicked on the "clarity" thumbnail on the layer stack I got the working wheel which wouldn't stop. When I tried "High Pass", I got the gray screen, when I moved the slider I could see the outlines, when I changed then when I changed the blend mode, on the first attempt it froze the computer so that I had to physically turn it off, the second time the blend mode changed, but then when I went to adjust the slider, again the wheel of death.
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