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  1. thank you so much for your reply Yes, I bought a laptop from Lenovo with core i5 and 8gb ram ... and it goes great
  2. i chose ipad because it perfect for drawing, and i think the experience of working on tablet is better more normal desktop... as an artist, an ipad pro with affinity photo and designer (sooooooooooon) can replace the desktop for me, but if i built a pc, i still need a tablet to draw
  3. thank you so much to help me in my case, my plan is learn on affinity photo and photographing, i am an artist, so i want to learn on affinity designer(soon on ipad), and take a courses for it, i want to start my career, next year i will go to university to study graphic design, then i can move to pc, but is there online support for affinity photo on ipad, like courses...etc?
  4. i think i will go with ipad pro, it is fantastic for drawing, it can replace the pc for me as an artist now
  5. i think i will start with ipad pro version, i am so excited to buy ipad because i am an artist so i can draw on procreate of (affinity designer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but i want to use affinity photo just to learn and design stuff for my own
  6. can i do on ipad pro all things i can do on desktop vesion? ipad version missing a few features, like what?
  7. thank you guys, but really i am confused where can i start! ipad version or desktop/mac version!!!!!! is there really any different? can i do on ipad version all what i can do on desktop version? what is the different? is there any different in features or just different interface?
  8. i chose an ipad pro because i am an artist and i like to do a lot of drawings and it is portable and tuch... i like the desktop but i chose the ipad pro
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