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  1. Also I noticed I cannot "export" the setting from Photo to Designer as well. This could be an useful thing to have in a future version.
  2. Thanks for the super fast reply. I got that, but how do I export the preset i create to another machine for example? Is it possible?
  3. Is there a way to save a copy of my slice preset, just in case something happen to my machine?
  4. @SrPx Totally agree with you! Importer is the key here. The reason why I found this threat in the first place, was when I had to convert my entire foliage library (3000+ textures) from 4k to 512px for use in VR and I was baffled that I could not batch rescale without loosing the alpha channel in AP. So yes, wish list item, add alpha channel on import for TGA/TIFF.
  5. @Patrick Connor The thing is, in the video game industry, TGA is kind of a standard (I even think Unreal Engine converts all texture to TGA on import). Most of my library and libraries out there are composed of TGA with some info on the alpha channel, like transparency for foliage or AO info, etc. The issue for me is that I cannot import the alpha channel. So for example, say I want to convert my TGA file from 4K to 1K to the suggested PNG-24, the alpha channel info will be gone. PNG for me is fine, but ONLY if Affinity can read the alpha channel from these TGA files. So if you start to "support transparency of targa files on import", that would be it for me.
  6. I second this all the way!!! For the video game industry, which I am a part of, it's essential format. Right now I am having to process 371 TGA files from 4096 to 1024/512px for use in VR, with Oculus Rift.... AND THEN WOW no TGA... You cannot call yourself a Photoshop alternative, with a lack of such basic file format.
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