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  1. I don't want to start new topic so i will continue here. I want to add adjustment layer to an adjustment layer mask. For example - I make an selective color adjustment layer, make my corrections and make a mask on it (using green channel from pixel mask). Then, i want to make levels or curves correction to that mask. It's easy in photoshop but i can't make it work in Affinity. In photoshop, i Alt+click on the adjustment layer mask, then hit ctrl+l (shortcut for levels) and then I can adjust levels for the mask, seeing how the mask changes (in black and white). How to do it in AP?
  2. wojtek_c

    Wacom Panning With Express Key Is Not Working

    Don't want to start new topic, since my problem is the same. I'm trying to use pan/scroll function on my wacom tablet. The scroll/pan definiton work only vertical and not horizontal and don't work very well. If i assign "spacebar" to one of my wacom buttons (and not (pan/scroll function), panning works fine - but zooming is still a problem. Using Ctrl key gives mixed results - sometimes it zooms, sometimes not. This is vital to my workflow....
  3. Don't want to start new topic, so I ask here: are there any news about Lightroom replacement from Affinity? We are really waiting....
  4. I don't understand - great program with so many features and a problem like this - not solved for two years. The RAW develop is one of the most important part of photo editing - and the shadow/highlight sliders are used all the time. All new things in new version are worth nothing without solving this problem! I bought Affinity, but I shot RAW and AP is worthless to me....