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  1. These keep getting better and better. Well done.
  2. Nice work. Something simple but different, which is not to say what you did is simple. . . .
  3. I find myself scrolling up and down. Can't look away. Not sure of the intent, but love it.
  4. Great piece! Love the use of light and dark, perfectly balanced. And don't apologize for using pencil and paper. What would everyone do if the power were lost? Sketchbooks rule.
  5. Fantastic work! Simple but very effective and perfectly emotes the holiday.
  6. Fantastic all around. Great work recycling your own art!
  7. Sorry. So crazed with scrambling I missed the file to download. It actually worked! Thanks so much. It seems the original had to be removed from the pathway environment it was created in and resaved as you did in order for it to not have the same error when I opened it on my computer.
  8. The problem is there are multiple folders that could be the culprit (About 20 folders). I like the idea but I would have to figure out exactly what folders the sourced materials came from.
  9. Unfortunately, a name change didn't work. Publisher is still seeing it as a corrupt file and closes it.
  10. I don't know what happened but I'm getting error messages that both of the attached files are corrupted. Just normally saving. I've attached error message that comes up with both. If these can't be recovered I've lost hours of work (most recent backup was 3 hours ago. Is there any way to Recover these files? Any help would be appreciated. MacBook M1 Pro Late 2021 Ventura 13.4 Publisher 2.1.0 ARBGalaProgram_2023.afpub Premiere3Program_2023.afpub
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