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  1. Hello, I am in Portugal, and am interested in purchasing the Affinity Photo Workbook. Can you please confirm where it is physically shipped from? I will run into problems with Customs if it originates outside the EU. Thank you!
  2. Thank you both, very helpful!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the ipad (it's my only computer at the moment) and to Affinity Photo, which I love so far. Previously I used Nik Silver Efex (within PS) on a Mac to create fantastic b/w images, and admittedly never gave much thought to what went on "behind the scenes" with the various color components. Now with Affinity I see I can change the percentage of each color, and I'm sure there are other methods, but I have no idea where to even begin! Do any tutorials or write-ups exist that will teach me how to process images into b/w to achieve various moods and styles? Perhaps recipes or techniques? Thank you!