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  1. How do you know? Are you printing onto a coloured paper, placing the image over a coloured background, or is it that you can faintly see a texture that the white background had?
  2. As far as I am aware, the knife tool can only cut vectors, so when used on an imported image, it isn't cutting the image, it's cutting the container the image is in and subsequently the image is removed because you have modified the vector container. You could cut the container and reintroduce the image to each cut section so that each cut section acts like a clipping mask. Probably the best way to do that is to place the image and duplicate it as many times as you want to cut the container, so, in your video you would duplicate the image four times. and simply drag each duplicate image into the newly created containers in the Layers panel. For the future, maybe Affinity could automate that task, so it duplicates the image and places the duplicate as a child layer for each section of the container cut.
  3. When I was on Android, I used to love Infinite Painter: https://www.infinitestudio.art/discover.php For vector there is Infinite design: https://www.infinitestudio.art/discover.php
  4. Look at the shortcuts pane in Affinity's Preferences. In the examples below I prefer the Pen tool and Node tool to be like it is in Affinity Designer P = Pen tool A = Node Tool but for some reason, in Affinity Photo it's set to P = Pen tool P = Node Tool basically a flip switch, so I just go into the shortcuts prefs pane and change it. Affinity Photo is set to this for the pen tool and the node tool This is how I set it up so that it matches Affinity Designer...
  5. There is an option to to hold down Alt/Option on Mac, probably Ctrl on windows, to clone the object you are contouring but it has never worked and they have not removed that option or actually got it working, a pretty lame half-hearted affair IMHO, and it really needs to be sorted because it should work or not be in a professional vector app.
  6. I suspect it's from this website: https://www.frenchkisscollections.com/collections/all I also suspect it may be this package: https://www.frenchkisscollections.com/collections/all/products/complete-inspirational-textures-elements-collection
  7. I notice that one set displays the preview icon but the first ones, that are prohibited, do not. Would it ok if you uploaded one of the prohibited files for me to look at?
  8. You would think it would be an option under File > Document Setup... and on the Document Tab but I have come to the same conclusion as you, it's an option of the Character Panel.
  9. They are the apps, not the plugin. I'm on Monterey, with Affinity Photo 2 and NIK 5 installed. As part of the NIK install there is a point where it lists host applications, at this point you need to point to Affinity Photo's plugin folder. see the screenshots below. The Affinity Photo plugin folder is located at Username > Library > Application support > Affinity Photo 2 > Plugins While in Finder or when you click on the + to point NIKs installer to the plugin folder, you can show the hidden Library folder by pressing Shift + Command + . (Full Stop) This is a toggle command so repeating the keystroke again will hide the revealed hidden folders. Once you have added Affinity Photo's plugin folder to compatible host applications window you can click on Install. The Affinity Photo plugin folder is listed as an Adobe Photoshop Custom 1 folder.
  10. This function can be turned on and off in Finder -> View -> Show View Options by checking the box next to Show Preview Icon, but in some cases it may not work even if you have the setting enabled.
  11. Affinity Photo 2 opens the Z9 raw NEF files, Affinity didn't have the lens profile for the lens used in this image though
  12. @Komatös Video not playing? Used the contour tool to make cut edge/outline. Exported to eps. shutterstock_223821256 with contour line.eps
  13. Which OS are you on? I'm on Mac Catalina at the moment and Exposure 7 works fine for me, I have the plugin installed to the Photoshop plugin folder but also to Affinity's default plugin folder, this was set up during install and I used the custom path option to add the affinity plugin folder to the install locations.
  14. This is the candidate snapping indicator and can be turned off in the snapping panel from the top menu.
  15. I'd say the effect in the original image has probably been done with a brush not layer duplication and fx. Just using a zero hardness brush for each halo colour.
  16. Dodge and burn won't work on a fill layer, it has to be rasterised in order for you to be able to paint pixels of white or black on it.
  17. Does this help, rasterise the fill layer prior to painting on it for dodging and burning.
  18. Inkscape 1.21 is still my goto app for spiralising, it opens in 2 seconds and boom a delicious spiral is copy/pasted into Affinity.
  19. I'd considered that as well but it doesn't seem to work with pen drawn lines and even if the stroke is expanded it doesn't twist the line, but I like the lateral thinking.
  20. Use a recolour adjustment instead of the colour balance adjustment. Try these settings for the sepia... Using Print and saving to PDF shows the recolour adjustment works and the document will print the image to a sepia tone. I don't have a printer with me at the moment so I printed to PDF and it shows the same results as if I had printed. Phil taylor book sample one - different adjustment filter - Recolour.afpub
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