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  1. Much clearer about what you want to achieve. The closest I can get at the moment is to have a translucent stroke but thats all to do with Black Reveals & White Conceals, so setting the Stroke to 50% Opacity will get you a translucent stroke. You could expand the stroke but that really doesn't work because you then get a separate layer with a doughnut curve so you're back to duplication again.
  2. Check out eBay This may only be Adobe Illustrator CS2 but at least you'd have a fairly modern version.
  3. Er! do you mean Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo? this isn't a Photoshop forum? Why not create an A4 sheet and position the template where you would like it to print on that A4 sheet?
  4. Is there another program that can do what you want? to show an example? I can't see how this can be done without duplication, by its nature the shape, including the stroke, becomes the mask, if you align the stroke to the outside the mask will use that as an extension to the shapes dimensions and consequently the size of the mask. This is logical and I can't personally see how it could be done the way you want without duplication. Maybe others could give a more technical reason for the masking behaviour.
  5. I think the best option would be to strip test using a grainy image and applying each plugin/filter or app then compare the results and choose which one you prefer. AP's Denoise does a fair job, Dfine2 is good if you add more control points in manual mode, neat image I haven't tried but I'm downloading the trial now to test with. I think of the 3 Dfine2 appears to work best, Neat Image didn't seem to have much affect.
  6. Select the circle and the path and use the Geometry tools.
  7. Got ya. As a matter of course I also created 3 green boxes and chose a green box and its corresponding red strip and I ended up with a short green strip, but if I select all three green boxes and their 3 corresponding red strips I end up with nothing, If I select one green box and three red strips I end up with a short green strip, 2 remaining green boxes and no red strips.
  8. You don't say what colour/s look yellowish and pale? Check the colour profile? RGB and CMYK just aren't the same thing so trying to get CMYK to look like RGB is not doable. You can get a close approximation but because RGB is based on light and hence much brighter, CMYK will always be a more muted representation. CMYK is based on pigment.
  9. I get this effect but It depends where the green rectangle is as to the type of effect you get. If I leave it at the top and select strips 1,2 & 3 I get your result, but if I drop the green rectangle below all of the strips but still within the group I get a different effect.
  10. @R C-R You are doing what Alfred means inverted, if the green box encompasses the red strips and then you lift the bottom line of the green box to exclude the bottom portion of the red strips it will effectively remove those bottom bits. see image. Nibbled bits gone using Intersect.
  11. @Nofe Attach the Abr file and someone with Corel Painter (CP); by the way which version of CP do you have? can see if the file will open in their CP.
  12. You might have to use your system resize options, what Operating System do you currently use Windows, Mac, Linux?
  13. Out of the box thinking but I wonder if the subject doesn't have some reflected chrome colour, so before removing the green you select the subject and remove any green casting? worth a shot. Also maybe duplicate the layer after chroma removal to flatten both layers?
  14. You can group them, so they become child layers of a layer called Group, obviously you can rename that parent layer and also the child layers for clarity.
  15. Lol! I was playing on the mistake ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) ala being psychic. I'm just looking at a load of vector apps to see how compatible they all are... it's not looking good
  16. couldn't you use invisible elements to keep a photo asymmetrically placed? i.e. a box with no fill or stroke?
  17. I knew you were going to say that, It's amazing in this age of digital media that we have all of these issues with file types, it needs some serious reviewing and restructuring, I can't believe how clunky and duck taped this all is. There should be some sort of standards because as far as I can see its desperate for it. All of these proprietary file types just make things overly complicated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_graphics_file_formats
  18. Organise your objects with layers by grouping them then apply colours to the group.
  19. Not that I know of, you can draw half, quarter or a slice and either duplicate and flip or duplicate and rotate. there are alternatives such as Krita that has symmetry options and there is a Photoshop Extension called AD Brutus Symmetry that is pretty good and costs about $10. There was a free symmetry plugin called something like dumb symmetry but I don't think it works with any of the CC photoshops, if you have such as CS6 you might be able to install it and try and get Affinity Photo to see the plugin.
  20. Any info on the actual image sizes - what is it supposed to be? Paper sizes? what are the expected dimensions after export? maybe even upload the afdesign file to see if we can see the issue during export?
  21. Operating System? Affinity Version? Plugins? System Specs? Tip: add this info to your signature so you don't have to keep repeating it.
  22. It doesn't look like it from Affinity Designer, there isn't a document batch export feature. In Affinity Photo there is a batch option: File > New batch Job... but it doesn't look like there is a default option to export to PDF and you can't Macro record exporting.
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